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Sep 12, 2020
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Nov 11, 2020

The silver straw that enable us to accelerate to make the plastic-free society



The awareness to the global environment is getting momentum. People gradually contemplate the risk of using plastic items that eventually be harmful to the Earth.

Our silver straw is manufactured by “Mori Silver Factory(森銀器製作所)”, the traditional silver shop favoured by the Japanese Imperial Palace and designed by Masashi Tamura, an animator worked at Kyoto Animation. Morita Silver Factory collaborate with us to produce the body of the straw. The production of the decoration requires us for a high skilled craftsmanship and can be produced in a limited working condition.

※It is made to order completely in consideration of environmental issues. We do not waste production.

※As is known for silverware, silver has an antibacterial effect, so it can be safely used only by washing with water. Also, use a commercially available brush to clean the inside of the straw.

【Production progress】

We make a model based on the designer’s illustration, adjust the arrangement of cherry blossom petals, and then incorporate the information into the data. After that, the craftsmen will manually attach the petals of the cherry blossoms, polish them, and actually embed the birthstone for options to improve the quality of the product. If there is no problem, we will arrange the production line so that production can be performed smoothly.


【Main uses of donated funds】

1.design and development

Create CAD data before casting, and the production team will work out the technical problems (labor cost)

2.Mold and silver require for factory operation and casting (obtaining other metals)

3.Advertising expenses

Advertising costs for Japanese domestic magazines *Advertising to foreign magazines may also occur due to the import magazines of foreign companies.

4.new production cost

Depending on the cost collected, we will devote to new works and capital investment

5, Legal expenses to protect brand rights.

Legal procedures to protect various rights, or the cost of hiring a lawyer.

【List of links for our brand】

Homepage: https://cdmagie.com/

About  us: https://cdmagie.com/pages/about-charme-de-magie-1

Email: info@cdmagie.jp