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Shoot Like a Pro! Capture A Wide & Cinematic Views In Various Landscape Scenes.


Within one year, SIRUI launched the affordable and portable 50mm and 35mm F1.8 1.33x Anamorphic lenses which amassed over 3.8 million in sales through Indiegogo and gains tremendous popularity in the Industry. In just 6 months, the third SIRUI Anamorphic lens – 24mm F2.8 1.33x, finally get access to the market.

Although all the SIRUI Anamorphic lenses can deliver you a 2.4:1 widescreen look, the 50mm performs best in portrait shots, especially when moving close to catch the subject’s facial details. In addition, the 35mm excels at harmonizing the subject and the background.

The brand-new SIRUI 24mm Anamorphic lens can broaden the camera coverage to the maximum, effective in a wide variety of scenes.

Getting one of the SIRUI Anamorphic lenses can make your cinematic dream come true, but having the three lenses all in your bag helps you to express your cinematic art to the acme. 

Want a cinematic look

Without hurting your wallet bad?

Now you can!

Using an anamorphic lens can capture more horizontal information from a scene while not changing the height. The 24mm lens with the front-mounted cylindrical element compresses the image along the longer dimension to fit into the available sensor space, so when de-squeezing the recorded image with a post-edition software, you can get the superior widescreen cinematic footage where all pixels you paid are used.

Besides, the anamorphic element group in the lens squeezes the horizontal field of view 1.33 times to produce the 2.4:1 aspect ratio. As the focal length shortened to 24mm, the angle of view also gets wider, rendering an expansive horizon.


With the view angle extended, this wide-angle anamorphic lens can cover a wider range of the landscape.

Background Rendering

Perfectly balance your composition by generating a smooth extensive background while highlighting the subject.

Street Snap

Quickly capture a distinct street snap with obvious geometric perception, particularly over a long distance.

Limited Space

Break the space limit to show more information of a cramped position, such as an in-car shoot.

Night Photography

For a vivid city or starry night shot, opening the aperture wide allows more lights entering to speed up focusing.
Compared to the other two brothers, one of the obvious changes for the 24mm lens is reducing the minimum focusing distance to 0.6m, therefore, you don’t have to back away too much to focus the subject when shooting space is limited.

The front cylinder lens element can elongate the shape of out-of-focus details into the oval bokeh and also can spread the bluish light out left and right across the frame. The two anamorphic light features can enrich your footage and leave a deep impression on your audiences.

Shift the apertures via the smooth Aperture ring to achieve the optimum overall brightness and sharpness of an image. As the aperture movement range up or down, both the depth of field and background blurring vary in degree, consequently deciding the extent of captured details.

Not just for video use, this lens allows you to distinguish your photo from a standard 16:9 photo, with all the noticeable anamorphic elements including a spectacular 2.4:1 rectangular look, blue light streak, and oval bokeh.

The precision aluminum alloy enhances the strength of the lens housing. Assembling with the solid housing, the copper Aperture and Focus rings are designed with an anti-slip teeth surface for smooth, comfortable focus and light adjustment.

The high-class Schott glass lens elements with Nano-coating can suppress aberration and vignette, rendering excellent resolution and sharpness to a cinematic image.

Offer you five options of MFT, Sony E, Fuji X, Nikon Z, and Canon EF-M mount, covering a wide range of mirrorless cameras on the market.

*Activate the APS-C mode when using a compatible full-frame camera.
Providing excellent portability and functionality, the SIRUI Anamorphic lenses are a prior choice for both individual and team uses to improve the film’s aesthetics.

Since 2001, SIRUI has always striven to move forward towards and continue expanding the SIRUI Brand. With innovative R&D, an excellent manufacturing process, and worldwide marketing, SIRUI has become a global enterprise, developing, manufacturing, and marketing photographic products.

As one of the SmartImage Industry leaders in China, SIRUI attracts exceptional and talented people to its photographic product manufacturing headquarter, which spans 30,000 square meters and is equipped with the latest technology. Domestically, SIRUI has operations in 31 provinces, with showrooms in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, among others. SIRUI also has a global presence with over 300 sales locations in more than 60 countries, including Germany, Japan, the USA, Canada, the EU, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Manufactured with high standards, SIRUI’s innovative photographic products have received numerous accolades and awards at notable international events including the 2018 Red Dot Design Awards, the 2018 German Design Awards, CES 2019, NAB Show 2019. SIRUI greatly appreciates the ongoing support and confidence received from our customers and the professional photography community.

SIRUI is committed to providing excellence in product performance and functionality. Drawing on our experience in product development, design, and production, it is our goal to provide our customers with high quality innovative photographic products to advance the progress of the Imaging Industry. That’s why SIRUI achieved a big success with the 50mm and 35mm F1.8 1.33x Anamorphic Lenses. Since their launch, the 50mm and 35mm Anamorphic Lenses have gained tremendous popularity in professional media organizations and among photographers. To diversify the anamorphic lens line, SIRUI is launching the third high-precision 24mm F2.8 Anamorphic 1.33x Lens for users to extend the capability of their shoots.