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“No Mess. No Hassle. No Regrets.” Experience the evolution of beer pong on an exciting level never seen before!


First off, thanks for taking time to explore Skill Pong™️!

To convey our story, we have broken it down into seven brief sections:

           I.     What is Skill Pong?

           II.    The Benefits

           III.   Skill Pong Over the Years

           IV.   Why We’re Crowdfunding

            V.   Game Components

            VI.  Active Utility Patent 

            VII. Basic Skill Pong Rules

I. What is Skill Pong?

Skill Pong introduces a must-have version of pong that is different from all the rest. Enjoy the game of beer pong as it was meant to be played, without the mess or hassle!  

For anyone who hasn’t heard of beer pong before, it’s a game where two teams stand on opposite ends of a table and throw or bounce ping pong balls into each other’s game cups. The first team to eliminate all of the opposing team’s game cups wins the match!

Quick Backstory

Skill Pong was thought up in the Fall of 2012 during a messy game of pong – inside of our apartment garage at UW-Whitewater. We realized that the game of beer pong has always been full of good competition and teamwork, but there has been one undeniable flaw: playing with 20 cups full of liquid.

Skill Pong’s Patented Cup Insert

Across the globe, the primary way that people know how to play is by pouring beer or water inside of their game cups. For those who fill their cups with water, the only reason is to hold down those cups and to catch a ping pong ball. Our Cup Insert eliminates the need for any liquid by weighing down the cups and catching a ping pong ball on every made shot.

Our Patented Cup Insert’s Flexibility

 II. The Benefits 

Safe and Eco-Friendly

Skill Pong’s Cup Insert is innovated from a non-toxic, sticky, elastomer called Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) and is designed to simulate a cup half-filled with a liquid. The TPR materials we use are fully recyclable and environmentally friendly (read bottom of page for more details). The best part is that Skill Pong eliminates all the waste involved with cleaning or throwing away 20 cups after every use.

Simple Storage and Transport

With our reusable set, when you want to play a game of pong you simply pull your cups from your drawstring bag, set them on a playing surface (preferably on our Limited Edition “Fire vs. Lightning” Table), and enjoy! After you’ve finished playing, your cups are easily stacked and placed back in their game bag for travel and storage purposes.

Clean Game and Clean Drinks

With Skill Pong the table stays clean, clothes remain dry, and cups can be swatted anytime your heart desires. These benefits evolve the game, allowing a true “sport-version vibe” of pong to be enjoyed for the first time. There will be no more spills and no more drinking from dirty game cups. Moreover, each player can drink their own, cold beverage on the side or not drink at all during a competitive game.

For People of All Ages

Beer Pong is considered one of the greatest drinking games of our generation, but our goal is to make it one of the greatest games for All generations to enjoy! By eliminating the liquid, Skill Pong no longer associates the game with drinking – it can now be played by anyone, whether they drink alcohol or not. Imagine competing against your friends or relatives during the holidays, or maybe challenging your kids in a game and seeing if they’ve inherited your legendary pong skills. Those family get-togethers just got a lot more interesting!

Upside-Down-Cup Showing an Insert’s Stickiness After a Made Shot

Consistent Game-play

Let’s be honest, when liquid is being poured into the cups, there have been those known for being “stingy” with the amount of liquid that is being used. With Skill Pong, you can be assured that every game cup is perfectly weighted. We’ve simulated a cup half-full of liquid so that cups still have the potential to be knocked over, although this does not occur often. With the playing surface remaining dry, cups will now stay in place because there won’t be any spillage for them to slide through.

Play Anywhere

One of the greatest benefits of using our products is being able to play the game anywhere. Skill Pong can easily be set-up while tailgating, camping, at bars/clubs, in dorm rooms, living rooms, hotels, or anywhere you can find a table. You can literally play on any level surface: pool table, mom’s nice dining table, your desk at work, etc.

III. Skill Pong Over the Years

Our Journey

We have spent the last eight years working on our product research and development. Beginning with a plethora of cup Insert prototypes before discovering the best materials to use. From 2012 to 2013 we began initial market research, while also focusing on procuring a utility patent for our “catch component system.”

From 2013 to 2021 we have sold and gifted about 1,000 “sample sets” across the US at various fairs, festivals, bars, trade shows, shopping malls, and via our website. The limited product we sold was to simply help cover our business operating expenses and to test our game editions throughout multiple US markets. 

Where We Are Today

From the moment Skill Pong was created, we’ve been striving for perfection. Our goal has been to ensure that every piece in our set is made from the highest raw material qualities. We have tested different sizes and types of plastics for our game cups, multiple ping pong ball companies, and even a handful of bag companies to find the best products available to be paired with our Inserts.  By listening to the feedback from our customers of different ages and interests who have played Skill Pong, we have responded by sparing no expense to offer the best pong game that has ever been created.

 IV. Why We’re Crowdfunding 

To make our business goals a reality this year, we are aiming for a minimum USD target of $50,000 (raised by June 30th, 2022). This will help us ensure that a fully functional supply chain can be satisfied in an affordable, timely manner, and to also provide our business with enough initial capital for online inventory and brand advertising. The rewards each backer receives, if applicable, will be our actual Skill Pong products that are expected to be available soon, via our online store at www.skillpong.com.

Thanks for reading our story, and for providing us with an opportunity to make our vision a reality!

 V. Game Components 

Sample of our “Pro Edition”

(Rookie, Pro, and Legend Game Editions are determined by the number of cups and Inserts being used for game-play)

Drawstring Backpack Example (Included With All Game Edition Rewards)

Limited Edition “Fire vs. Lightning” Foldable Table (Only Available by Selecting the “Hall of Fame Edition” Reward)

VI. Patent Abstract for our Skill Pong Cup Insert (Catch Component)

Patent number: 8899590

Abstract: A beer pong system that includes a catch component and a stabilization component. The catch component is configured to be disposed within a hollow cavity of a cup and comprises a compliant surface to aid in preventing a ping pong ball thrown into the hollow cavity from bouncing out. Versions of the catch component include a filler material-filled pouch, a filler material-filled retainer, a catch membrane, and uncontained catch material. The stabilization component stabilizes the cup in an upright position and includes, among other versions, a weight configured to be disposed within the hollow cavity of the cup. The beer pong system enables players to play beer pong with stable cups and ball retention without requiring uncontained liquid in the cup.

Type: Grant

Filed: October 4, 2012

Date of Patent: December 2, 2014

Assignee: Skill Pong LLC

Inventors: Kristopher Paul Kahn, Ricky Lee Bergmann

VII. Beginner Rules of Skill Pong

Basic Overview

-Each team stands on opposite ends of a table, or level playing surface, with their rack of cups in front of them

-Skill Pong is a turn-based sport where each team shoots two balls per turn

-Every cup that is made must be pulled from the game

-The last team with cups remaining wins the match


1) Use a level surface or table

2) Choose teams (one or two people per team)

3) Each team takes 3, 6, or 10 cups with the same-colored Inserts to opposite ends of the table

4) Cups are placed in equilateral triangles with one side near and parallel to the edge of the table

5) Beverages (if any) are placed on the side of the table, at a safe distance from the rack and game-play (and not inside the game cups)

Game-play Guidelines

-Teams take turns shooting at each other’s cups from across the table

-Each team gets two shots per turn (for 2 vs. 2 play, each player on a team is required to shoot every turn)

-Stand behind your end of the table when shooting

-During a turn, teammates can either attempt their shots at the same time or one after the other

-The ping pong ball can be bounced or directly thrown into the cups

-Any cups that are made get removed at the end of each turn

-The first team to make all of the other team’s cups wins the match 

For additional rules and game variations please visit Skillpong.com