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Dec 02, 2020
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Jan 01, 2021

Your bike, electrified.


We’re making the best quick-swap e-bike conversion kit ever offered.

Electric bike kits used to be hacky, ugly, and expensive. We’re excited to create a kit that is beautiful, simple, and super affordable.

The Slipstream turns your bicycle into an awesome electric bike in just minutes. 

A converted e-bike is a super fun way to get around. Use your bike in new ways – take longer trips than you would, use less effort on your commute, or crush the hills on your weekend rides.

Slipstream is lightweight and adds no resistance to the bike; you can always pedal normally if you want to. Otherwise, consider effort optional. 

Don’t waste money buying an entirely new bike. Slipstream fits most bikes – so you can convert the one you already love. Save money and garage space at the same time!

If you’re comfortable changing the front wheel on your bike, then installing Slipstream will be a breeze. It’s just as easy to convert back at any time. 

Slipstream fits bicycles with the standard size front wheel (12mm dropout axle and 100mm fork width).

The kit comes with all the components shown here, as well as an optional pedal-assist system (PAS) sensor if desired. 

Detailed specifications

Most e-bike conversion kits cost $800 or more and prebuilt electric bicycles are thousands of dollars. 

Slipstream is pure and simple – everything you need to create your own super-fun electric transport, and none of the unnecessary frills or gimmicks you’ll find on many e-bike products. 

Slipstream leverages cutting-edge 3D printing technology to save on traditional up-front tooling costs – this lets us offer it at an unheard-of price.  

We’re a team of experienced aerospace engineers who share a passion for riding bikes. Our vision is to give everyone access to fun, sustainable, electric mobility.

We think e-bikes are a blast to ride; we all remember our first time riding an e-bike and how we couldn’t stop smiling. We can’t wait to share that feeling with you!