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No matter the destination, let slrboards be your guide!



Earth’s Ambassadors

I started slrboards to serve shoppers from around the world with the newest form of transportation. Our solar longboards were born from the desire to commute and positively impact the Earth by supporting responsible ways to travel utilizing solar.

(Note: This is a prototype representing The Gen2 slrboard.)

Following this ideology, each product we offer is eco-friendly, ethically sourced, and of the highest quality and not to mention engineered for perfection. 

(Note: Representing the Prototype G)

Installed a google home on my personal board, convenient but having a separate cellular network is difficult. Its all fun and games until the speaker starts acting funky during a ride; Using a voltage reducer was also causing heating concerns. Top speed was 35mph was achieved by overclocking the VECS.

(Note: Representing Gen2 Boost mode)

Overcharged the battery for testing purposes contributes to a more responsive motor and provides a boost of acceleration. We encourage safety at slrboards, that’s why we are creating custom suits.

 (Note: Representing solar JBL attachment)

Blasting music gets the crowed dancing at Freemont, pushing positivity and energy!

(Representing the teaser for the Gen4, not official release)

This is not the official release for the slrboards; the board needs to go through a stress test to ensure saftey/quality (Elements such as heat dissipation, energy absorption, water resistances) 

(Note: Representing slr breathable shoes)

Custom slr shoes that provide a more comfortable way for riding; circulates your feet using a grill, And a nice style add-on of the carbon fiber coating. 

[Confidential Prototypes Made]