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Jun 11, 2022
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Aug 10, 2022

Stop wasting time on washing cutlery & dishes, this new cake board can neatly turn your cake into tasty pieces.


Smart Cake Board

Imagine you’ve bought a cake, how would you turn it into pieces? Are you satisfied with that solution? Let me guess:

A traditional way to slice and serve cake

– Using a knife to (metal or plastic one) slice it into pieces, carefully draw it out and put into a dish, enjoy it, then wash your appliances (except disposable appliances) after that. Some uncomfortable feeling at the beginning (slicing and drawing), joyful when eating (no doubt), more uncomfortable feeling in the end (who have to do washing) and a bit more harm to our environment (if using plastic materials).

Smart cake board – A replacement for a cake board, dishes and cutlery

I’m here to provide a different approach, maximize the comfortable of cake consumers while reduce the use of disposable dish, cutlery. My solution is replacing the tradition cake board (where to put the cake on) with a smart cake board with abilities:

– Comfortable cutting tool: the board will come with a disposable cutting tools, quickly slice the cake with high precision.

– Detachable & convertible parts: The cake board can be detached into parts (correspond to the cake slide), allow consumers to seamlessly take both that part and the above cake piece out. That part can later transform into a disposable dish, allow  the consume to enjoy the piece directly, no other appliance needed. Cake stores can also use this feature to easily divide their whole cake into pieces to sell separately.

Prototype design & how it works from the above view

Now let’s have  a look a the first prototype:

The first prototype of smart cake board

The first prototype is very simple and completely hand made (using a scissor to cut a board box into a round board with crossed divides, divide it into detachable parts. Now everything are ready for the first test.

The first test with my first prototype

Let’s try the first cut

I think we can say that cut is smooth and almost perfect, just like using a metal knife. And here goes the second cut:

The second cut

Now the cake piece is ready to draw out easily by detaching a corresponding part of the cake board below

A cake slice

After enjoying the cake, we only need to trash used cake board parts & board cutter, no washing stuff.

My first test was great and proved that my idea is achievable and convenience, core features has been done:

– Parts of cake board can be detached after slicing the cake, allow consumer to take out the cake slice easily. They can enjoy the piece immediately like piece of pizza.

– The board cutter can perform a quick and smooth cut on the cake, just like a metal knife

– The cake board & that cutter are disposable, nothing need to be washed.

After this project launch here, I will continue the expansion of this project includes:

– Standardize cake board details, so the cake board can be mass produced with specialized machine, thus give the smart cake board the chance to be used widely in cake making industry, replacing the traditional cake board  with no detachable feature.

– More research & improvement in material and cake board design. Although, the first prototype was successful, I still have challenge with material choice. 

++ I’m current at the point to choose normal board, water proof board or using water proof coating on normal paper (all are safe for food). 

++ The current design still need some improvement to be functioning with a bigger, heavier cake.

++ Add more type of disposable cutter base on cake board design

++ Make detachable parts transformable. After the part has been detached from the cake board, I want it can be expand wider, transform into a dish, so the consumer can eat the cake in even more comfortable and elegant way.

– Add more flexibility: to make sure the smart cake board can fit various cake size, shape, and pieces width (to satisfied who prefer a bigger / smaller pieces), I’m also plan to build a design tool (software) to create variants of smart cake boards, so cake makers, stores, packaging manufacturer can create the design to fit their needs, get the specification then produce the corresponding smart cake board.