$19 raised out of $158,800

I’m creating a mobile application that helps you manage all aspects of your shared house or apartment.


Smart home


The project arises from the idea of ​​how complicated it is sometimes to manage a house or an apartment, things like shopping, finances, payments and other things.

Why Smart Home?

Smart home allows you to manage all aspects of a home automatically, things like laundry, food in the refrigerator and cupboards, commonly used products, product expiration dates, cleaning times or days and much more. Smart Home aims to get people to stop worrying about managing their home, make their shopping list and use paper to organize themselves to start worrying about their daily lives, leaving aside the enormous hassle that managing a house or apartment is usually.

The money from the collection will be used to pay the salaries of the developers and designers who will be involved in the project, in addition to paying for the costs of the cloud services where the services and data of the application will be hosted.

This money will also be destined to the acquisition of development licenses for Android and IOS since the application will be available for both platforms, as well as in a web mode.

On the other hand, being a project with an automatic algorithm that will manage the resources of the house or apartment, it is possible that the costs of cloud services make it impossible to maintain the application without having to charge a subscription fee to users, Therefore, the money will be used to maintain these services during the development and production of the application without charging users until the project manages to maintain itself through subscriptions or advertising.