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Using NFC enabled smart pins, launch photo galleries by scanning push pins


After a one year anniversary with my girlfriend, I was determined to make something to help us remember the year we spent together.  I soon realized that a photo gallery was the best way to re-live our time, but it fell flat.  Each image brought back subtle memories, but there was so much context that was lost.

Introducing Smart Pins;  A better way to organize your memories & adventures.

Smart Pins are smart devices that allow you to host a digital gallery virtually anywhere.    Simply scan the pin with our app, select the photo gallery you’d like to launch when scanned, and place your pin on the map of your choosing.  Any person that walks by and scans the location pin will be served the photo gallery you’ve selected.

Want to provide more context around a particular image in your home?  Smart Pins lets you host a Wiki page or maybe a google maps route you took along the way.   The features and integrations will grow as our Pro feature set is built out.

Smart Pins enhance memories & stories by interacting with the real world to provide a more immersive experience.

My goal & ambition is to produce this product using materials & methods that are sustainable & eco-friendly.