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Vacuums&Wash at SameTime|Auto Mop Self-Cleans While Mopping|Air Drying|Smart Mapping|Alexa&MiHome


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GIFe233896f3abc1fd8.gifDrop the mop and enjoy an easier way to clean all your hard floors!  Smartmi A1 wet-dry robot vacuum efficiently vacuums away both dry and wet debris, while self-cleaning away the mops at the same time. Plus, Keeping dirty water separate from the clean water, so unlike traditional mopping, you never put dirty water back onto your freshly cleaned floors.



The success of Smartmi A1 is its breakthrough design – a combination of two key technologies for wet and dry floor cleaning. Powerful wet vacuum suction removes unwanted debris, while the fast rotations scrub and buff the floor. Meanwhile, all collected dirt, dust and debris are deposited directly into the water tank.

While other robots must return to their charging station to activate the self-cleaning function, Smartmi A1’s unique roller brush design features on-the-go self-cleaning – which is the key to keeping the unit, and its cleaned environment, sanitary and devoid of cross-contamination at all times.


No more hand-mopping. A1 constantly self-cleaned mopping brush and water and an ultra-fast air-drying feature. The result: a winning combination that keeps your home fresh, clean and free of odor and bacteria.




*Recommend using A1 on low pile carpet. Refrain high pile carpets (the ones that your hands can sink in)





Smartmi A1’s multi-surface brush roll is safe and effective for use on tiles, sealed wood floors, laminates, linoleum, rubber floor mats, pressed wood floors, and more. It also refreshes area rugs of all sizes. Washing accident off in the living room to mopping up spilled dog food and water in the kitchen without having to switch cleaning machines/tools.



A1’s large battery can cover up to 1065 square feet of floor space. The large clean water tank can last up to 979 square feet of floor space.


4ab0cce2777a00b77.gifDuring Mopping, A1 spins at 1600 spins per min, which, in combination with its freshwater spray, flushes out dirt, hair, and debris every second. Its high-performance cleaning action makes it superior to any other robot cleaner on the market.

A1 is the ultimate multi-tasker that can clean up both Wet and Dry debris all at once.

Smartmi A1 ‘inhales’ wet messes by combing 4000Pa powerful suction with 1600 rapid rotations spin mop that leaves no residual debris behind.

This combination creates real-time self-cleaning that means goodbye to traditional germ-spreading dirty mops carrying bacteria to the next rooms.


2c920064df889b8dcceb58e54d82a90f.gifAdvanced Two-Tank Technology. The inclusion of two separate tanks is part of Smartmi A1’s customer-pleasing design. Fresh clean water is never contaminated by water from the mopping pads because the used water is isolated in a separate compartment.


52d82cb3c0acfe12bfcc1c6fcb9ee44d.gifRapid automated air-drying is key to keeping the unit dry which in turn means no lingering bacteria and therefore NO musty smell in your home.


cbb42461d41cc0d6c262044d0d9b084b.gifThe Dry Vacuum mode operates at 4000Pa, which is sufficiently powerful enough to rid hardwood floors of dust, dirt and pet hair, even on carpets with ease.


Fully operational for up to 136mins Run Time, on a Single Charge. 3 cleaning modes to satisfy all your cleaning requirements.


To be a good vacuum robot, mapping and navigation are essential to effectively cover the entire home. Smartmi A1’s 360° LDS navigation system has proven capabilities and even works effectively in the dark.



Upon returning to its charging station, Smartmi A1 commences a deeper self-cleaning cycle that spins against the onboard soft scraper at 2000 spins per min (compare to 1600spins during mopping), This thoroughly removes any residual debris or excess water left over from mopping and prepared to be air-dried.



This dual-action brush roll mops floors is made from microfiber brush roll gently mops floors and scrubby brush to scrub tough messes up and suctions them up into the machine.






Everyone here at Smartmi loves to turn ideas that move people. We do this by making ordinary appliances with a touch of Smartmi philosophy. the Team had been striving and with some luck became Xiaomi Ecosystem’s top manufacturer & supplier with no.1 delivered volumes and quantities. A1 is our latest masterwork for the team to prove to the world that any home can be both inspiring and moving. The team pledge to fulfill our promise to our backers and continue to work hard.