$1 raised out of $170,000

A new alarm system to wake up by movement instead of sound. The comfy innovative mattress will move smoothly until you wake up.


The company:

Smoothly Awake is a startup company in Berlin, established in 2019. 

Our main mission is to make our wake-up process enjoyable. We want more “I’ve slept well, and now I’m willing to rock,” more “alive,” more “desirable,” and more smoothly.

How did the idea come about?

Several relatives and friends complain that it takes the most power through the waking-up process just to sit up! Before sitting up comes the struggle of moving ourselves out of our lovely sheets and companion pillow. One day the idea came to me in the morning; what if we cut this process and just start waking up from the sitting position? Because as we all can notice, after sitting up, it only takes seconds to start feeling refreshed, and our bodies accept the idea of fully waking up.

So the Goal:

A mattress with a movement alarm. The mattress turns into the sitting position at the desired time. We hope you can help us bring this idea to life and help many people start their day smoothly!

Below you can see our idea in pictures:


How many times did you get in trouble for not getting up from your comfortable bed at the right time?


  1. Our mattress will provide efficient & straightforward: Wake Up by Movement!
  2. The wake-up will be prompted through smooth movement by the mattress.
  3. Wake Up movement will be a combination of raising the head, back, or legs to a sitting position.


Everyone who wants to wake up more lightly and smoothly with joy. 

The hardware:

1) The motor and the frame that fits inside the mattress.

2) The motor sitting up and down positions:

3) The motor raises the mattress to the sitting up position:

4) Connect the motor to the application by Bluetooth and set alarm to wake up.

The Application:

  • iOS and Andriod application in which you can set the alarm time and the preferable movement combination, also you control the bed.