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Oct 05, 2020
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Nov 04, 2020

I will be creating an app that uses camera AI/AR to scan sneakers for collectors that will let them know if there are legit or not.


Hello, my name is Daniel Escamilla III, and I am a sneaker collector. I have been collecting sneakers since 1994 and eventually opened my own store in which I was able to see sneakers that I had only imagined of collecting. Now I want to put my collection to use for others. Not just that but also take away from companies who prey on people and charge ridiculous fees to buyers and sellers just so “THEY” can tell you if your sneakers is real. On top of that, not every sneaker they do is correct, I have heard all the stories of sellers getting their sneakers back because whoever was legit checking them made a mistake or buyers who ended up getting a fake because the legit checker did not do his job correctly. With the ever broadening scope of how AI/AR is used I decided why not just make an app for EVERYONE to use that uses their camera on their phone and it will let them know if the sneaker they are purchasing or selling is legit or not. Time to put the power back in the consumers hands. 

I have seen the latest growth and now an extensive amount of collectors of all ages that do this for a living. Also with the growth of the customers, buying, and selling on all levels, also has come the people who sell fakes and scam people into purchasing not authentic sneakers. Sometimes it is hard for the casual buyer who just wants to purchase their sneaker they been wanting and end up getting scammed. With this app I am hoping to achieve what every sneaker collector dreads, buying fake sneakers. This allows the consumer to use their phone and scan a shoe which will let you know if it is fake or not. Not like other companies that may use a secret AI box that scans a shoe that you do not even see, this puts all the power in your hands.