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A revolutionary ski carrier which provides unrivalled accessibility, ease of use and versatility to winter sports enthusiasts.


Don’t let carrying skis take away the fun of skiing!

Do you love skiing but loathe carrying your gear about? Struggling with heavy skis in your clunky ski boots is never a good look. Your hands are full and it’s awkward for you to manoeuvre. Is all that weight on your shoulders misaligning your back?

Conventional ski carriers need to be stored away when not in use. They are either too bulky for your pocket or a hassle to constantly put in and remove from your backpack, while those heavy-duty backpack-style carriers are too cumbersome for light skiing. You already have too much stuff: two skis and two poles, plus your children’s equipment if you have kids. You don’t need another thing to carry!

 Introducing the SNOWTĒD ski carrier 

  • The SNOWTĒD ski carrier is designed to be worn over your ski wear and be part of your overall look. Wear your SNOWTĒD while skiing!  

  • Its patent-pending special fastening design gives you instant access to your skis and poles right in front of you. In 3 simple steps and less than a minute, you can put your skis on or take them off, giving you a whole new dimension of freedom on the slopes.    
SNOWTĒD ski carrier offers instant access to your skis right in front of you!
  • The extra-long shoulder and back pad is designed to spread the weight of the heavy ski evenly across your shoulder and back, making carrying them painless and effortless.   

  • Once you have fixed the skis to your front, you can take the skis and poles off (with the carrier attached) by lifting them over your head. And from there, you can choose to carry the skis either on your side or on your back – whichever feels right for you. 
Easy transitions from front to back or side carrying
  • Oh yes, our small size carriers are suitable for children age 10* and above. So less weight on you, and more fun for everyone on the slope!    
Size S SNOWTĒD ski carriers are suitable for children age 10 or above!

* Subject to height restrictions. Please see our sizing chart for more information

  • We’ve also designed a matching waist bag to securely store all your slope essentials. It is small and compact, made of a high-quality, light-weight, durable, and weather and water-resistant material. It is also fully padded, insulating your phone to extend battery life in the cold!   


Before you start: Wear the SNOWTĒD carrier over your ski wear. Adjust the elastic band and clip the carabiner to a suitable daisy chain on the top strap for an ideal fit  

 To put on the skis 

Too fast? Don’t worry, let’s break it down

Step one: Disconnect the carabiner from the strap. You will find the top strap is a loop, pass the loop around the top of your skis and poles. 

How to ‘SNOWTĒD’ your skis and poles to your front – Step One

Step two: Lift your skis and poles (or bend down) and find the bottom strap. Pull the bottom strap away from your body, which automatically tightens up the top loop  

How to ‘SNOWTĒD’ your skis and poles to your front – Step Two

Step three: Pass the bottom strap under and around the bottom of the ski bindings together with your poles, before clipping the carabiner onto one of the D loops, which is located around your waist or hip on the same strap.  

How to ‘SNOWTĒD’ your skis and poles to your front – Step Three

Voila! Adjust to make sure the skies and poles are comfortable on you.    

To take off the skis

Reverse the above three steps and wear the SNOWTĒD on you while you are skiing! Yes, it is that simple!   🙂 

Taking skis off SNOWTĒD is so simple!

To transit to side or back carrying

Once the skis and poles are fixed to your front, you can simply take off the whole system by lifting and passing it over your head (you may want to use the looser setting by choosing a suitable D ring around your waist or hip). You can then carry the skies and poles either on one side of your shoulders or on your back!    

How to carry your SNOWTĒD on your side or back

Now, you can take a selfie with one hand and holding your gloves in the other, while walking around with your skis and poles tightly secured on your front, side, or back – who knew the alpine life can be enjoyed in such ease and style!


Hi, I am Oceana, and just like you, we love skiing but don’t like carrying skis! Since our little boy started joining us for skiing 6 years ago at age 4, ‘we’ – well I mean mainly my husband! – had to carry an extra set of skis every time we hit the slopes. Short walks such as from our chalet to the ski lift, from the car park to the ski lift or even from one ski lift to another were quite hard work.

We tried conventional ski carrier slings but found that they took the fun out of skiing. They were too big to fit in our pockets comfortably and the process of taking them in and out of our bags, assembling and disassembling them was troublesome. They became the extra things we carry in our bags but were rarely used. We also tried those heavy-duty ski carrier backpacks, but they don’t offer immediate access to our skis. As we like to ski light, they are not practical for us due to their large sizes.

There is the constant need to carry our skis, especially when we are in a big ski resort, All the existing ski carriers are designed to be used only at the beginning, or the end of our ski day.

Then we thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a stylish ski carrying ‘device’ always on you and can carry our skis whenever we need it, no matter how short/long the walk or how often we to use it?”

We decided to design exactly that – a practical yet stylish ski carrier for all leisure skiers.


So, together with our team of experienced designers, we developed prototypes, scrutinised every detail, and tested plenty of blueprints. Finally, we decided on a design which we believe can offer the most versatile and simple way to carry skis for leisure skiers.  

Working with a highly experienced manufacturing partner, we studied fabrics and hardware, discussed aesthetics, functionalities and practicalities, and made rounds of samples for testing.    

After a year of hard work, we are thrilled to share with you our invention – the SNOWTĒD ski carrier!


SNOWTĒD ski carrier


Sizing chart


The SNOWTĒD 2-year warranty

It is our mission to make honest and reliable gear. It is also our mission to avoid creating any unnecessary waste. This is why SNOWTĒD ski carriers come with a 2-year guarantee. The SNOWTĒD ski carriers are built to last, but if your carrier should ever fail due to manufacturing defects then we will replace or fix it for you within 24 months.

The warranty covers:

  • Manufacturing defects.
  • Failures or breakages that render part or all of your product to become non-functional.

The warranty does not cover:

  • Cosmetic blemishes, scratches, stains, or wear & tear.
  • Failures or breakages due to misuse, neglect, or intentional damage.
  • Items and products that we do not manufacture ourselves.

SNOWTĒD is not liable for damage to ski equipment, clothing or anything in your surrounding environment as a result of using them.

SNOWTĒD is also not liable for bodily injury to yourself or others as a result of using our products.

Return policy

Kickstarter is a platform that allows innovators to offer their creations and ideas at discounted prices. These funds go towards initiating production and launching of the product, resulting in a product that the backer can enjoy. In line with Kickstarter Terms of Use, we will not offer refunds or return for items that do not defect. However, if you receive a faulty item, you are welcome to contact us at help@snowted.co.uk 

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