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Jun 08, 2022
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Jun 09, 2022

Dispense sanitiser, toiletries or any liquid on the go. Refillable and durable for everyday carry.


This is Soapstone 2.0

The sleek and sustainable solution for carrying and using sanitiser, moisturiser and toiletries when on the go. Use it with a single hand and dispense in seconds!

How does it work?

At the press of a button, it dispenses your chosen liquid. You can either:

Pump straight into your hands: dispense your chosen liquid into your hands and pop your Soapstone into a pocket or bag – with a size of just 80x28mm and an anti-leak lock feature it‘s perfect to take around with you. 

On your belt with a single hand: simply clip your Soapstone using the carabiner and loop. Reach down and pump into your hand. Perfect for use on the fly. 

Or rub it like a bar of soap: load Soapstone with sanitiser, pump it into your hands and rub it – sanitising your hands and the product simultaneously, keeping it hygienic when sharing the device with friends.


We listened to your feedback and have packed it with new features including a handy locking mechanism, durable keyring loop, reduced product size and a larger capacity… all for a lower price than before.

Mix & Match!

Thanks to smashing our 100k stretch goal we’ve made a 3rd colour available for both metal and plastic. The full colour range for metal is Midnight Blue, Silver & Charcoal. For plastic, you can order Midnight Blue, Two-Tone White and Terracotta!

All Soapstone parts are interchangeable so if you order multiple units you can mix and match them!

Stretch Goals!

We have been blown away by the response to Soapstone 2.0, have listened to backer requests and are over the moon to officially announce ADDITIONAL COLOURS have now been unlocked!


Thanks to all of you for helping us reach £100k, we’ve added Charcoal as a colour option for the metal Soapstones and Terracotta to the plastic lineup! 

Is Soapstone for me? 

Soapstone is for everyone, whether you’re discreetly sanitising at a work event, topping up on SPF, quickly adding some gel to your hair or fixing sweaty palms mid-climb. 

And did we mention it now comes in two materials (aluminium and PP) and four new colour-ways?

It goes with you

We have integrated a sturdy nylon webbing loop, perfect for a carabiner or keyring, so you can attach it to your belt, bag or keys for single handed use.

What can I put in it? 

Soapstone uses an airless pump which works with virtually all viscosities of liquid, so your imagination really is the limit here!

Sanitiser: fill it with virtually any hand sanitiser, from thin liquids to thick gels.

Toiletries: we’re talking shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, sun lotion, moisturiser, hair gel, toothpaste (the list goes on).

Anything else: be it your favourite hot sauce, engine oil, spare pen ink, liquid chalk for the gym or honey to sweeten your tea with.

Care about plastic waste?


Soapstone is a lovely object that’s built to last a lifetime. A tactile twist lock, satisfying weight and matte anodized finish create a device that goes beyond functional utility. A simple photo just doesn’t do it justice.

Metal or Plastic?  


Introducing Soapstone 2.0 Plastic Edition: The plastic is durable, recyclable and designed for disassembly and repair, so it remains eco-friendly.

Whilst the metal remains our all time favourite (nothing beats the satin, slightly textured anodised finish and cool feeling of the aluminium), we are so excited to bring you the plastic options which are beautiful, more budget-friendly and slightly lighter. The two tone palette, matte-finish and lightly textured surfaces combine to create a sleek and elegant device.


Locking Mechanism

You spoke and we listened! Many backers from our first campaign mentioned how handy an anti-spill lock would be…so we’ve added a twist-lock that makes a satisfying tactile click, can be operated with a single hand and prevents any unwanted dispensing in bags and pockets.

Dog Owner? 

Have your sanitiser at hands reach and never feel dubious about picking up your dog’s poop again.


Rub Soapstone like a bar of soap and share it with your friends before eating.


Load Soapstone with liquid chalk, clip it to your harness or belt and say goodbye to sweaty hands and awkward chalk breaks.


Useful Information & FAQs

How much sanitiser/soap does Soapstone hold? Soapstone 2.0 can hold up to 16ml of liquid – thats more than twice the original capacity!

How many pumps do I get when the device is full? You should expect 50 pumps from a full device. We think this is plenty to last you 1-2 days of constant sanitiser use.

How much liquid does Soapstone dispense when the button is pushed? Soapstone dispenses about a coin-sized amount per pump – roughly 0.3ml. In our opinion, the perfect quantity for sanitising hands. If you’re after more it’s quick and satisfying to pump Soapstone a few times in a row. 

How do I choose what colour Soapstone I want? We will send a post campaign survey out to you by email (once the campaign is over) that will let you select your Soapstone(s) colour(s).

How do I customise my order? If you want to mix and match your multipack, we can do that in the post-campaign survey. Pledge for the number you want, and you will be able to specify metal or plastic finishes (extra charges will apply for metal if you pledge for plastic)”“You will also be able to buy single units in any colour or finish, and add carabiners – the survey will allow you to fully customise your order

Why is Soapstone good for the environment? Environmental design is central to Soapstone’s philosophy as a product. It is designed to be refillable. This means it can be used again and again and not end up in landfill. It’s also made largely from aluminium, which is a 100% recyclable material and one of the most recycled materials on the planet. And while Soapstone’s internal mechanism does contain plastic components, we have kept these to a minimum and designed them to be durable and last a lifetime.

In addition we reduced the amount of plastic used by 90% since Soapstone 1.0.  The airless pump and diaphragm are the only plastic components and can be replaced easily if damaged.

Our plastic version is fully recyclable and is designed for disassembly, and we hope that over its lifetime, it will save many, many single use travel minis from landfill. 

When you say Soapstone contains virtually any liquid, what does this mean? We spent a lot of design time incorporating an ‘airless pumping mechanism’ into Soapstone, which means that it is capable of dispensing both thin and thick liquids, something we are proud of. We are confident in the airless pump’s versatility, but haven’t tried every liquid viscosity out there. Liquids containing debris (such as exfoliating creams) we do not recommend for use with your Soapstone as they may block or damage the pump.

Who are we? 

We are Eli Heath and Pete Barr, two industrial designers and friends with a passion for social design. We studied together, lived together and now we work together! Our designs are recognised by the James Dyson Foundation, Innovate UK and Deutsche Bank. We also design Enayball together, an accessible drawing tool that allows paralysed people to paint. 

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A Soapstone Story

Back in 2020 we were just two friends with an idea and a mission.

The idea.

Make a hand sanitiser that’s beautiful, functional and sustainable.

The mission.

Reduce the use of single use plastics.

With the help of 1,267 Backers we raised $61,000 for Soapstone’s first Kickstarter! We shipped over 2,000 Soapstones to 10 different countries! Thank you all so much!


Here we are loading Soapstone V1s out, ready for delivery


Soapstone 1.0 Testimonials

“Canadian backer here. Received my Soapstone a few days ago and got to test it today. Great product, it works and I love the sleek look. Thank you guys :)”

— Marjan


“Hey all! Just received mine (Italy). It’s all in place, works perfectly and it’s simply staggering. Very, very high quality stuff, probably worth way more than 30€ :-D. There’s spare parts in case you’ll ever need it and detailed instructions for use and refilling. I’m extremely satisfied with the trust I’ve put in these guys!!”

— Filippo A.


“Got mine today…seriously impressive guys!!”

— Jared F.


We hope it goes without saying that we are so grateful for Kickstarter’s wonderful community. Your feedback, enthusiasm and continued support means the world to us.