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A platform for crowd funding solar farms


Help build the future of solar. 

Solar power is great. In the right location it is clean, efficient, and low maintenance. 

So why doesn’t everyone use solar? 

The first limiting factor is the sun itself. We know all too well some regions simply don’t get enough sunshine for solar to be worthwhile. In addition, in order to own solar panels you’re most likely going to want it on a property you plan to own for years, which is a difficult commitment to make. 

At SolarBear, we want to build a cleaner future by making solar power accessible to anyone.

Here is how SolarBear will work: SolarBear will provide a way for users to crowd fund solar farms. Through our website and app, users will purchase portions of the farm, which can range from cells to panels. This will give you a unique virtual ownership to parts of the farm.

 In return, you can track how much energy your portion of the farm has produced as well as deposit the profits you have earned to your bank account

Your portion of the solar farm will be unique to you, and you will even be able to check out its exact location. 

This provides a simple, easy way to contribute to a greener future while getting some profit in return. You can continue to expand your virtual farm as we grow!

So where are we and how can you help?

I am a software engineer with plenty of experience building web and mobile applications. I have began the development of the application, and won’t have any problem on that end. Down the line I will hire a few more trusted collegues of mine so we can get the app out on time.

Our team has a plot of land with plans to place our first small solar farm, which will be an early small scale run for a limited number of users. Donators who have pledged enough to get the Beta access code will have first access to this farm. After this small scale launch, we will work on funding a much larger farm. 

In order to help support those who will be dedicated full time to this project as well as prepare to acquire more land for our upcoming farms, we ask for your donation. 

We appreciate the time you have taken to check out SolarBear and look forward to building a cleaner future with you!