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A revolutionary, patent-pending, Japanese water stone-based sharpening system. Removing human error for perfect angles every time!


The InversionEdge™ Sharpening System 

A revolutionary, Japanese water stone sharpening system, that’s easy for everyone. Removing human error, for perfect angles every time! 

Japanese water-stone sharpening has long been the sharpening method of choice by experts and top chefs, however, it required too much time and skill for the everyday home cook to master…until now! 

With our new revolutionary, patent-pending InversionEdge™ Sharpening system, everyone can achieve razor-sharp pro edges at home, with ease. 

 The ultimate no-compromise, pro-sharpening system, for everyone. 

Another world-first innovation by Solidteknics™, this system delivers accurate and consistent results by eliminating human error of the blade angle control. 

 Suitable for all Japanese and Western knives 

Single-sided chisel edges and regular two-sided edges

Our system is designed to work with all Japanese and Western knives in your kitchen. Achieve master level cutting edges using real Japanese water stones, with ease.

  • No experience needed!
  • No complicated rods and adjustments
  • No destructive drag-through gadgets, but just as fast and simple
  • No more guesswork – accurate and consistent angles, every time 
  • Human error is eliminated from the blade angle control

The InversionEdge™ achieves accurate and consistent sharp edges, within minutes. 

Real water stone sharpening to achieve extremely fine mirror-polish finish (3,000 and 8,000 grit stages), with perfect double bevel geometry.

What’s in the system? 

The FULL InversionEdge™ Sharpening System

This set has everything you will need to restore and maintain razor-sharp edges on your Japanese and Western knives: both single-sided chisel edges and regular two-sided edges. Easily restores old worn blades.

  • 3mm noni™ ferritic stainless steel tray with dual-angle platforms. Doubles as a high-performance baking tray (included with The InversionEdge™ Base System).
  • 4 x rubberized magnets for mounting knives on angle platforms and to secure in place. Innovative magnets contain 8000 grit abrasive dust for ‘stropping’ blade edges as the final step after honing on the finest stone (included with The InversionEdge™ Base System).
  • 2 x stainless ‘Love Handle’ clips for automatically and quickly setting water stone angles relative to blade angle platforms. Fits most regular stones of similar size (included with The InversionEdge™ Base System).
  • Ultra Fine 3000/8000 grit combination Stone from legendary Japanese water stone maker, Naniwa™. Highly recommended for final razor-sharp finishing of Western or Japanese knives (not included with The InversionEdge™ Base System).
  • Coarse Naniwa 220/1000 grit combination stone for repairing and reshaping worn knives of any type (not included with The InversionEdge™ Base System).

NB. The InversionEdge™ Base System contains no stones

 Create both symmetrical & asymmetrical edges 

The InversionEdge™ not only allows you to create a cutting edge that is symmetrical (like most Western/Gyuto blades), but it also allows you to easily create the famed ‘double bevel’ on each side of the blade (almost impossible by hand). So, instead of one generic bevel on each side, our InversionEdge™ allows you to create two: one big narrow angled secondary bevel for least cutting resistance, and one tiny primary bevel on the cutting edge for strength and durability, with extreme sharpness.

Symmetrical bevels– Maintain standard symmetrical bevels (edges) – same bevels each side. Slightly easier, but not as efficient or ‘exotic’ as the famed asymmetrical edge.

Asymmetrical bevels – convert your old blade to asymmetrical for higher performance cutting. This bevel (edge) is highly recommended if you want ‘next level’ pro cutting – better than the blades of most pros in the West who don’t know about these edges yet, or can’t create them by hand!

Multi-Functional nöni™ Tray

Like all of our nöni™ cookware, the tray is crafted from a single sheet of the finest custom-made ferritic, non-nickel stainless steel. More conductive and healthier than regular stainless steel, and no rivets, joins, or screws for superior durability. Our cookware is made to last for generations.

Measuring 31cm x 29cm, our Solid stainless tray has two different angled knife platform on each end: one for fine, narrow-angled Japanese knife edges, and one for strong, broad-angled Western knife edges. The instruction page and video tutorials will show how to match your knife to each platform. It’s simple!  

Fine angled platform: choose the fine angled platform for almost all knives –  Western, Japanese, etc.

Wide angled platform: the wide-angled platform is only for blades that need toughest symmetrical edges (sporting knives, workshop knives, big hacking knives, knives you abuse, etc).

When you’re not sharpening your knives, the tray can be used as a baking tray which is suitable for all heat sources; whether in a professional kitchen, home kitchen, or cooking in the great outdoors. 

“I baked with the sharpening tray and it worked well, nice crispy bottom” ~ Anthony

 4 x Rubber Magnets 

The four 14.5cm rubberized magnets to hold your blades in place on the tray’s angled platforms. The magnets can be easily moved and repositioned as needed. For larger knives, place an extra magnet on top to firmly secure in place. 

Not just your average magnets, our innovative magnets contain 8,000 grit abrasive, to double as a blade ‘strop’ for final finishing of the edge burr.

The ‘Love’ Handle

Our stainless ‘Love Handle’ clip sets the water stone angles. Fits most regular stones of similar size (around 20mm thick), though specially designed to house the Naniwa™ 220/1000 and  3000/8000 grit combination stones.

Naniwa™ Combination Water Stones

Naniwa™ combination water stones are revered among fine knife purists. These stones get you down to the fine grits necessary for master-level of blade honing. Cheaper options are readily available, but they’re cheaper for a reason.

Ultra Fine Naniwa 3000/8000 grit combination Stone, highly recommended for Japanese knives. 

Coarse Naniwa 220/1000 grit combination stone for repairing and reshaping worn knives of any type.

Manufactured Locally

Solidteknics has two factories, one mission. In order to bring optimal value to our backers, both our Sydney and Chicago factories will be manufacturing the nöni™ baking tray. This means, for our North American, South American and Canadian backers, your InversionEdge™ Sharpening System will be made in, and ship from Chicago. For our Australian, Oceanic and European backers, yours will be manufactured and shipped from Sydney. 


*Phase one of shipping will commence in December for all rewards backed before October 15th, 2020 or we exceed our order capacity ie 500 of each stone.

*Phase two of shipping will commence in March 2021 for all rewards backed from October 16th, 2020 until the conclusion of the project.

InversionEdge™ Base System (NO stones) – Pledge AU$ 169 

Suitable for those who already own and have experience sharpening with whetstones. 

  •  4x Rubberized magnets
  •  2x Stainless ‘Love Handle’ clip
  •  1x 3mm Ferritic stainless tray with dual-angle platforms

InversionEdge™ Base System + Ultra Coarse Grit Naniwa™ – Pledge AU$ 267

Ideal for repairing and reshaping worn knives of any type. The InversionEdge™ full set (below) with both combination stones is better suited if you want to go on to restore your old knives to razor-sharp edges.

  •  4x Rubberized magnets
  •  2x Stainless ‘Love Handle’ clip
  •  1x 3mm Ferritic stainless tray with dual-angle platforms
  •  1x Ultra Coarse Naniwa™ 220/1000 grit combination Stone

InversionEdge™ Base System + Ultra FINE Grit Naniwa™ – Pledge AU$ 297

Ideal for maintaining any blade already in perfect condition.  This stone is too fine for worn knives, so the InversionEdge™ full set (below) with both combination stones is better suited to restore old knives to razor-sharp edges.

  •  4x Rubberized magnets
  •  2x Stainless ‘Love Handle’ clip
  •  1x 3mm Ferritic stainless tray with dual-angle platforms
  •  1x Ultra Fine Naniwa™ 3000/8000 grit combination Stone

InversionEdge™ FULL Set Ultra FINE & COARSE Grit Naniwa™ – Pledge AU$ 386

A versatile set for sharpening all knives – Japanese and Western knives,  single-sided chisel edges and regular two-sided edges – whether old worn blades or sharp, well-cared-for blades. The course stone gives you the ability to bring old worn stones back to life, and the fine stone allows you to maintain any blade in perfect condition.

  •  4x Rubberized magnets
  •  2x Stainless ‘Love Handle’ clip
  •  1x 3mm Ferritic stainless tray with dual-angle platforms
  •  1x Ultra Coarse Naniwa™ 220/1000 grit combination Stone
  •  1x Ultra Fine Naniwa™ 3000/8000 grit combination Stone

 How to use

For written, detailed instructions, visit our website.



We’re on a mission to reduce the number of synthetic, non-stick pans piling up in our landfill which is why we have designed cookware that will last for centuries. We want our supporters to buy our cookware only once, and pass them down through future generations. That’s why we stamp the date of manufacture on every pan.

Parents and grandparents are already talking about handing down their Solidteknics pans and that’s what makes us most proud of all…..making history, not just cookware.


We launched a whole new innovative cookware industry for Australia when we successfully crowdfunded our first AUS-ION™ wrought iron cookware campaign here on Kickstarter in 2015.


This is now our 27th (!) Australian campaign for world-first cookware innovations. Our small little Aussie company is now recognised and acclaimed around the world.

Patent-pending AUS-ION™ and nöni™ is the only seamless one-piece wrought iron/steel production cookware in the world. Solidteknics is the only production cookware made in Australia and one of the few left in the U.S.A. Every other brand is imported. Most are synthetic-coated, disposable, and now in our landfill and bloodstreams…

We are proud to bring the InversionEdge™ Sharpening System to the world and change the way we sharpen knives.

Together we’re making history.

Happy cooking and stay sharp! 

Mark, Rebecca, Natasha, Lara, Kara, Sophie, and the Solidteknics Team

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