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Providing the next gen of horror, Somber Studios™, will be producing a multi-part series based off iconic Urban Legends this October!


Somber Studios is owned by the passionate horror enthusiast, Jessica Vill. Known for being able to recreate famous movie scenes on a small budget, Jessica Vill is now moving forward in pursuing her true calling – filmmaking and all things gruesome! First project? A short film series based on world famous Urban Legends – scarier than you have ever seen them before! With famous legends like La Llorona, Bloody Mary, and Krampus, Jessica intends to serve completely fresh takes on these icons and deliver guaranteed nightmares to your screen. Support us at Somber Studios and you won’t regret it…or you will, when you find yourself having trouble sleeping at night after watching our series! Muahaha! 

– Your friendly neighborhood nightmare merchant,

Somber Studios