$188 raised out of $95,000
Start date
May 28, 2022
Close date
Jun 27, 2022

A fan continuation of the anime “Sonic X”, with a new and fresh premise that will serve to tell memorable stories for all Sonic fans.


This project started thanks to BioResidentSKG#7007, who wanted to create a continuation of the beloved Sonic anime “Sonic X”. I joined his creative team which we decided to call “GGFast”. As we started to come up with ideas, we decided that the best way to make this sequel was in comicbook form, and we need the funds to hire a high skilled artist in order to make the best product possible, completely free to read, non-profit. Just a new set of stories for the fans around the world to enjoy.

Every issue will be around 15-17 pages long, the funding will be used to make 4 issues (one story arc). Depending on the reception of the comic, we’ll decide wether or not continue with the development of a new story arc and make a new campaign for that matter.

It’s important to say that the Thorndyke’s are completely out of the plans here 😉

Sonic X Season 4 will tell completely new stories, not relying on what has been done before, to deliver a new and exciting experience to the reader.