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Dave Sim’s CEREBUS in a new edition of his classic 1993 collaboration with Todd McFarlane


Dave Sim and Aardvark-Vanaheim have partnered with The Waverly Press to present Sim’s new modified version of this classic tale published nearly three decades ago, expanded with rarities from this comics milestone!

1992: After departing his enormously successful record-breaking run on SPIDER-MAN for Marvel Comics, Todd McFarlane launched his creation SPAWN which has since earned its place as the most successful independent comic-book of all time. Shortly after the initial launch, McFarlane invited 4 of the most respected writers in comics—Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller, and Dave Sim—to collaborate with him on a string of single issues. At the time, Dave Sim was riding his own wave of success and popularity with his groundbreaking, award-winning series CEREBUS. Sim accepted McFarlane’s offer (as did Moore, Gaiman and Miller) and the two of them embarked on their collaboration which appeared in issue No.10 of SPAWN in 1993. McFarlane illustrated Sim’s story, bringing their popular characters together in a tale about Creator’s Rights called “Crossing Over.” The issue made such an impact that their collaboration went on to win the 1993 WIZARD WORLD AWARD for “Best Single Story” and remains one of the most memorable collaborations in the history of comics.

2020: Dave Sim and Aardvark-Vanaheim have partnered with The Waverly Press to present Sim’s new modified version of this classic tale published nearly three decades ago, expanded with new content and rarities from this comics milestone. It’s still as fresh and relevant today as when it first appeared. While the original edition of SPAWN No. 10 was published in full color, this special edition – at Dave Sim’s insistence – presents the story in black and white. In the original edition, McFarlane drew what Dave Sim has called “the definitive Cerebus” (“…more people saw Todd’s Cerebus that one month than had seen my Cerebus in the decade prior to SPAWN No. 10”). Working gingerly and painstakingly around his career-ending (2015) wrist ailment, Sim fulfilled what he calls a “last ambition” to render the Kitchener Sequence as he originally pictured it, and to produce three new covers. He also redrew the Cerebus figures throughout the issue. McFarlane’s loose, detailed, energetic art alongside Sim’s cartoon realism brush and line work highlights the power of each artist in the pages of this new edition of SPAWN No. 10!

$35 STANDARD COVER SET – Set of all 4 standard color cover books.

$75 GOLD COVER SET – Set of all 4 gold ink variant cover books.

$90 COLLECTOR SET – Set of all 4 covers in the classic 1950’s horror style. Every book is individually numbered and exclusive to Indiegogo. 

$110 PLATINUM COVER SET – All 4 platinum cover variant books. Every copy is individually numbered and hand signed by Dave Sim.


After you select your perk you will be given the option to add any of these rare editions to your package!

$25 SKETCH COVER VARIANT – This variant features an an unfinished early idea for the cover to the remastered edition of Spawn No. 10!

$25 BLANK COVER VARIANT – This variant come bound in heavy art paper, with only the printed logo. Ready for you or your favorite artist to create a unique cover to Spawn No. 10! This variant comes with a matching blank art trading card unique to this edition.

$50 DELUXE SIGNED & NUMBERED – This unique cover comes with a color trading card and 5×7″ postcard exclusive to this edition!

$15 SUPPLEMENTAL BOOK – A behind the scenes look at the creation of the remastered SPAWN No. 10. This 24 page book includes all of Dave Sim’s new individual full frame illustrations, preliminary cover art including work that did not make it into the book, and Sim’s original 1993 hand written story notes from the Cerebus Archive!

Every copy of Spawn No. 10 comes with one of 12 different trading cards by Dave Sim. One card will be randomly inserted into each book.

Don’t miss what is sure to be an instant collector’s item!



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