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Lift heavier and create massive muscle gain safely with isokinetic and eccentric training.


Step up to the platform, choose your workout and achieve an hour’s worth of muscle training in just 10 minutes.

This full body home gym is the first to combine isotonic, isokinetic and eccentric training to give you more challenging and effective workouts than you can get in a gym, in a fraction of the time. 

Do any workout you desire, all in a 3’x6′ footprint.




Isotonic training (like free weights and machines) primarily only works your muscles on the concentric (muscles shorten during contraction) part of an exercise and ignores the eccentric part (muscles lengthen during contraction) — meaning you’re missing out on a world of gains.

Speede solves this by adding isokinetic and eccentric training to maximize your gains and work every muscle group and section. 


Speede’s isokinetic setting changes the resistance throughout the exercise based on the force you exert, so there’s deep muscle fatigue WAY faster and no sticking points. 


You can also choose the eccentric mode, which increases the resistance on the eccentric portion of the exercise – pushing your muscles to the max and leading to increases in muscle mass, bone density, flexibility and metabolism. 


With Speede, you can’t not get a good workout.


Speede’s proprietary AI constantly analyzes your movements and adjusts the resistance based on your strength and fatigue to ensure you’ll get the most of your workout without risking injury.


Monitor your workout and see real-time stats — from the strength tracking, to the training programs, to the video tracking and motion capture AI, Speede will lead you through a better and more personalized health regimen.


An isotonic workout, like the standard gym experience you’d get with free weights, cables, dumbbells, machines, etc. Do any type of workout you desire without needing the additional gear.

✓ Unlimited options

✓ Resistance stays the same

Primarily works your muscles concentrically


Isokinetic setting with motorized resistance that adapts with your strength curve, allowing you to reach deep muscle fatigue way faster.

✓ Relentless resistance on constant speed

✓ No more sticking points

✓ Deep muscle fatigue WAY faster

The strength curve is the concept that your muscles are stronger or weaker at different points in a movement. It limits you during traditional strength training because you’re forced to choose one level of resistance (or weight) for the entire motion. 

This is where the Isokinetic Mode is a gamechanger: the velocity of the motion is always kept the same but the resistance alters. The “sticking point” is eliminated because the resistance adapts to the force applied by the person and takes the guesswork out of what resistance to use.

Eccentric setting where the resistance increases on the eccentric part of the exercise to stimulate faster muscle force development (power) so you’re not limited by the lower amount you can lift concentrically. Eccentric exercises are considered the #1 way to reduce risk of injury by strengthening your muscles and connective tissue.

Lift heavier 

✓ Create massive muscle gain safely

✓ Eccentric overload capabilities

Recovery gives your body a lighter workout to assist in muscle recovery on your off-days so you can make progress as efficiently as possible

Loosens muscle fibers, increases blood flow and removes calcium ions that create  soreness.

Emphasis on neural prep, warm ups/cool downs.

End range activation – puts muscles into lengthened state to create a whole other  workout that  ACCELERATES recovery process.

2,000 lbs Resistance


200+ Workouts

Choose from Speede’s professionally designed training program, or pick from a number of custom workouts.

Your $39/month membership unlocks all movements and tracks your fitness progress. It also allows you to sign in to any Speede machine in the world for personalized training!


High Intensity Training

Speede offers the slow, high-intensity movements that have been shown to produce the largest strength gains.

Engage fast-twitch muscle fibers

Reach Momentary Muscular Failure (MMF) quicker

Train for speed most effectively


Compatible With ANY Strength-Training Movement

Have your own routine or exercises in mind? Set up the proper attachments and you’re ready to lift!

Isokinetic and eccentric training are not only more challenging and stimulate more muscle growth, but they’re also one of the safest ways to train. In fact, these techniques are most commonly used in rehab settings.

The delivery team will set up your Speede and it will be ready to use within 30 minutes.


Shipping and Fulfillment will be handled by ArcBest. Due to the current volatility of shipping costs, shipping payments will be collected well after the end of the campaign, close to our ship date. This will allow us to present the most accurate and up-to-date prices to pass savings on to you, our valued backers.


1. Smart BLE Handles
2. Bar with BLE Clip
3. Speede Labeled Bench
4. Access to our Science Team for educational feedback



Dan Mooney: Co-Founder
Dan is Former college baseball player and Certified ISSA Personal Trainer. Dan studied both Business and Kinesiology so his business, sales and fitness background combined to create this company and machine—seeing a better way for athletes of all walks to improve their health more  effectively.

Greg Tepas: Co-Founder
Greg is an entrepreneur, early stage investor and business leader who has started and built several different companies along with having some successful exits. 

Chris Minor: VP of Strategic Partnerships
Chris is the former Founder/CEO of Acceleration Sports Performance LLC. He is an executive leader with 20+ years of experience owning, operating, and consulting within the sports and fitness sectors. Chris is a proven industry leader who has trained over 100+ Professional Athletes 

Stacie Thompson: Director of Marketing and Branding
Creative Director with 17 years brand-building experience and startup co-founder, Stacie focuses on helping brands find their unique strategic position so they connect meaningfully with their  target audience in every platform.

John McNulty: Director of Education
John is a Certified Neuro-Muscular Therapy Specialist and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with over 28  years experience working with thousands of athletes from youth  through pro-teams. 


For commercial pricing, please contact sales@speede.fit.