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Spiriton is a Monster-Catcher / Rogue-lite RPG with randomly generated maps.


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Spiriton is a unique Monster-catcher RPG/ Rogue-lite, capture and evolve over 400 Spirits and Gods of all cultures on randomly generated maps.

Its high difficulty, Dark fantasy atmosphere and demanding gameplay make Spiriton a game for seasoned players.

Our goal is to make a game that evolves and keep adding content to it.

Spiriton will be released on Steam as a Free-to-play, a year after the end of the Kickstarter campaign, we assure you that the Kickstarter exclusives will never be available again.

You incarnate Zion, who cross paths with a corrupt medium who sends you and your best friend into Limbo through a magic portal.

Your best friend Shin’yu dies in the process but his Spirit will stand by your side and protect you. He becomes your Starter-Spirit.

The corrupt medium Merlin has sent you to a lifeless place, but by chance you find a huge castle between the roots of a giant tree.

Yggdrasil’s Infinite Castle becomes your new home and the only safe place you’ll find in the game.

In Spiriton your goal is to clean up corruption, survive and improve.

Open a portal from the Infinite Castle to a corrupt location, choose the difficulty level among the eight available. Explore the randomly generated map to find items, gold, spells, enemies, events and new spirits to add to your team.

There is only three ways to get out of a portal that has been opened, return to the entrance, kill the Boss at the top of the map or run out of spirits that can fight. Leaving a portal will close it forever.

The death of your entire team is punitive in Spiriton, not only will you lose gold and Hero experience but one of your spirits will forget one of his spells. You cannot flee from a fight in Spiriton.

There are three types of spirits, Darkness, Light and Elemental, each with access to a particular set of spells. No rock/paper/scissors in Spiriton, the creature type is closer to a class, tank for Darkness, healer for Lights and damage dealer for Elementals.

The three crystals on spirits signify their type for the first, their rarity for the second, and the third is a global representation of the Bonus-Stats of the spirits. We are using the eternal RPG rarity system, gray, green, blue, purple, yellow, red.

Evil spirits will try to prevent your progress on the maps. Crossing their line of sight will initiate a fight. They can be static, spin or move around looking for you. Depending on the level of difficulty of the portal launched, they may have a team of one to six Spirits.

You can see the Spirits WIP on our Artstation, HERE.

Watch our talented graphic designer Maxence Martin draw them live on Twitch, HERE.


The spirit of your best friend will be by your side in one of these three forms.


You are a powerful Medium capable of capturing Spirits into Dreamcatchers and make them fight for you. Every ten levels, they evolve.


Inspired by many cultures, spirits can be as cute as they are disgusting, terrifying as they are inspiring.

To break the codes of the usual Monster-Catchers, the spirits of Spiriton can have different artstyles.

We do not wish to promote any religions through our creatures, only to be inspired by them and to cross all the spiritualities in a single contemporary universe.

The universe of writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft will be part of it.

Lilith is a powerfull Darkness Goddess who was trapped by a corrupt Medium in a crystal in the center of the Infinite Castle, using it as a source of energy.

She is the first helper you will find in the game, explaining your powers and the new world that awaits you.

Lilith will heal your wounded spirits, store the ones you don’t use and melt your gold into Dreamcatchers.

Becoming her friend may cause you to try to find a way to free her.

You can find many items, spells, skins and equipment in Spiriton, often protected by evil spirits.


Dreamcatchers allow you to capture new spirits and are a rare item in the game. It takes Lilith an hour to craft one after paying for it in gold (You will be able to reduce the crafting time).

Chaos Key: 

Chaos Keys are used to open the Chaos Cube in Yggdrasil’s Infinite Castle, allowing you to enter a dark room with multiple options and a timer, different every time. Would you prefer a rare spell rune or fight a spirit you haven’t captured yet?

If the Infinite Castle Stretch goal is reached, Chaos Keys will also be used to open new random rooms in the castle, items and enemies can be there. Found a usefull room? Save it and arrange it with the others. Quality of life improvements, merchants and NPCs can be found there.

Spell rune: 

Spirits do not learn new spells as they level up, you will have to use these Runes.

Each spell in Spiriton has an efficiency level and a rarity, only the rarity will be visible, using the RPG rarity system, gray, green, blue, purple, yellow, red.

The majority of spells can be taught to all spirits but some of the most powerfull are related to spirit types.

Character equipement:

There is two equipement slots in Spiriton, the Headgear and the Book. You’ll need to have the right character level to use them.

They both need to be crafted after finding them in chests or after defeating a Boss.

The headgear is visible on your in-game character and provide a buff to your spirits or a quality of life improvement.

The book is used to set an affix on the portals. For example, more gold but more enemies.

Map events will have different spawn rarities. It can be a merchant, a small quest, a building, a Mini-Boss, an area full of gold or full of enemies. We will have many events and will continue to add more to keep you entertained.

The events are sometimes linked to biomes, in the picture the Mini-Boss Putrid spawned next to a swamp biome and defends two runes of great rarity.

Goblin merchants sell you their random goods. Items, equipement and spirits can be purchased from them.

Multiplayer is a primary component of the game for us, but won’t be forced upon players who just want to play solo. We will have basic multiplayer features like exchanges and duels between friends.

Stretch Goals can make a big difference to the multiplayer adventure, adding two-player co-op portals, dungeons, ranked duels, and even a MMORPG mode if the Kickstarter goes crazy.

Music is very important in a video game, to keep you going during your long farming sessions.

An in-game item will give you a new music, you are free to choose the one that is close to your heart. We will have a large list of different musical styles.

You can listen to the tracks already made by Fort-le-vent here !

Oddwave will make the Trance musics, listen to his work here !

Obsyd will make the Acid-Tribe musics, listen to his work here !

Iska will make the Indie-electronica musics, listen to his work here !

Jamel will make the Arab Metal musics, listen to his work here !

And there will be a lot more !






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