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Vector editing software.


Introducing: Storystorm is the world’s first visual narrative builder!

Storystorm is a web/desktop program that allows users to compose and edit vector graphics images interactively on a digital device and save them in one of many popular publishing formats. 

This platform is designed to enable those without a fine arts backgrounds to create and publish visual narratives in the most popular file formats. (Graphic Novel, Webtoon, PDF, PNG, JPEG, and more)



This is the dashboard

This is where the stories unfold. Centering the dashboard is the artboard. This is the largest interactive block. Here, users can create an individual panel that is part of a sequence or craft an entire story in one image.

Surrounding the artboard are the tools that will produce and manipulate all image assets.

To the left are the vector editing tools. With these tools you can do things like change the shape, orientation and opacity of an image to fit your individual story. (Quick note here, to give users as many options as possible I am configuring every image in the library so that it can be easily customized with the editing tools you see here)

Above the artboard you’ll find a collection of lettered tiles, these tiles are how users sort library images. For faster navigation, the images are arranged according to category.

To the right of the artboard is the image bank. This is how users pull images from the library and add them to the artboard.

Just below the artboard are previews of other artboards in the same project. Users can also create a new artboard, preview other artboards, and sort all artboards within the project here.


This is the marketplace. 

This is where users will download assets to help tell their story. It will also be built with accessibility in mind. I want users to be able to navigate and download image assets quickly here so that they can get back to crafting their narratives.


This is a kit,

Our kits will comprised of a collection of images curated around a central theme. Characters, character poses, backgrounds, objects, and other visual elements will be created by artist, uploaded to the Storystorm library, and later downloaded by users to be deployed to an artboard.

The difference between a Storystorm kit and other digital kits is that the images within this kit will be highly customizable, as they are meant to help each user craft and individual story. 

Each image asset, while it can be used to create a single piece of art, is designed to be a part of a completely new and untold story.