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An app for fans of team sports (football, volleyball, basketball and hockey), designed for help in game organization and team creation


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Hey, champ! 

Look what we’ve prepared for you! Now you can forget about throwing the ball into the ring alone or about dreary shots at an empty goal. We would like to bring to your attention our project of Street Hero application. Thanks to which you will create your dream team and become a sports hero of all the streets

Registration for games

It’s easy to start using the app! You only need to select the sport you are interested in from the main menu, find an available sports ground nearby on the map and register for the game at a convenient time! But do not let the team down and come to the sports ground at the chosen time, your presence will be confirmed with geolocation. If you will miss the event, as much as we would not like to do that, but we will have to downgrade  your rating, and if you took part in the game, you will get a plus to your reputation!

Organization of the game

So, you overcame your doubts and came to the sports ground, and there is a group of players you don’t know. Don’t worry, we have a solution how to simplify the process of acquaintance  and organizational issues. During registration on the game, there is an opportunity for dividing into teams, so that you can pre-acquaint with the partners. For complete convenience, we suggest you get two t-shirts in white and black colors, ideally with an indication of your favorite player number and your name, so you can easily identify and remember your teammates and communicate during the game! Also in the application you may add friends and invited players, during registration on the game you will be able to invite them to the game, and perhaps create your own team!

It is important you to understand that our app is designed to simplify the search of players for team games, so that the outdoor areas are not left empty. And if it happens that the sports ground is occupied during your time by people who are not from the app, this does not mean that they will be obliged to clear it to you, in any case! And we can’t provide this, given the accessibility of street platforms. But we are sure that if you invite the guys not from the app to join and arrange a mini-tournament between the gathered teams, real fans of team games will definitely agree! But even if they do not agree, we strongly ask you to avoid conflicts and find an empty site in the app in the vicinity. The logic is simple, the more people, the more teams, and the more teams, the more interesting the game and the more pleasant the victory!

Search for a team or player 

And then you will have a choice, to continue one-time games in the sports grounds, perhaps this will be enough for you, or to join a real sports team with its own uniform, logo, captain and calendar of games. But if this is not enough for you, in Street Hero you will have the opportunity to create your own team! We have provided the following mechanism for forming teams: all players will have their own rating and statistics, which will depend on the number of training sessions and results in games.  

For example, the basketball team is looking for a “center”, that you are! Using filters, the manager of a random team in the search selects the region, center position, height of at least 190 cm, age and weight limits – and then your profile appears. It carefully examines the information you fill out about yourself with data about all your abilities and achievements, analyzes your rating and results, and decides: “This is the one we need” and sends you an invitation. If the team meets your expectations, and in training you meet the expectations of the manager-congratulations you are in your team!

We suggest you take a break, think about everything you’ve heard before and get ready to learn the main possibilities of Street Hero, which are designed to turn the world of amateur team sports! At this time you can see how hard this guy is trying…

Sports team creation

We are sure that each of us, including you, has dreamed of creating their own sports team: come up with its name,  uniform colors, logo, represented their own arena and dreamed of becoming a successful team Manager like in a virtual game. And now it’s time to make your dreams come true. With the help of Street Hero you can form a real Amateur team and show all your talents not only as a sportsman, but also as a Manager of a sports team! 

For real success it it not enough  to form the team,  you also need to manage it effectively and constantly improve. To support you in this aim, our team management functions can help you in this case, in the form of a separate command menu with a clear interface, which contains only the most necessary functions. Without leaving the app, you can create training sessions, hire coaches, rent private playgrounds, invite other teams to friendly games and, most importantly, for what our app is created, participate in tournaments. In this case, all players will receive a notification about team events, in response to which they only need to send a confirmation of their participation.

Sports aggregator

Probably, you will ask how will we find a coach for you? How will you be able to rent the sports ground and register for the tournament? And at the same time without leaving the app. Quite simply – we are open for collaboration with all the coaches, sport-grounds owners and organizers of tournaments. We invite to post their services in our application, and to manage them with the help of administrative panels – maintain a register, fill in the calendar of events, and get payments. Thus in Street Hero on the map will be indicated private sport grounds, it will form the base of trainers and set up a separate section with a list of all tournaments and register for them. Our goal is to become a platform aggregator sports services! We provide our partners with a handy tool that will help them to develop a business, and at the same time make the sport better!

Our mission

And our main mission is to make sports more accessible to all social groups , to give young players a chance to show their talents, regardless of the well-being of their families and status. We plan to hold charity tournaments for people in need in the near future, spend a significant share of our income on building outdoor playgrounds on a free basis in small towns, villages, and poor areas, and create teams with free training with coaches for orphans and children from dysfunctional families, regardless of their citizenship and status. As a result, we want to create sports schools for children and teenagers in team sports with the possibility of free study and accommodation. And so we will grow real Street Heroes together!

What has been done? 

  • The first is a technical task for the development of Street Hero created with the mobile app developer Mintrocket. This document describes in detail the entire mechanism of the application with layouts of all screens (more than 45), takes into account all the features and nuances, so you can start developing the application immediately. 
  • The second is the design of the main screens, it may be changed according to your wishes, your opinion is important to us!
  • The third is the logo. We used the express design program of  Artemy Lebedev`s Studio, which is known for its works in Russia and abroad. Thank you to Artemiy and his team!

The schedule of development applications

Team “Street Hero”

And the most important, we have something to offer in addition to rewards! It is your participation in the development process, our team plans to provide interactive coverage of the app development process, which will take into account your opinion and wishes through surveys, voting, live communication and much more on our sites on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. We will start a countdown of the app’s launch date and you will always stay up to date! It will be fun, we promise! Start your game and become a Street Hero!