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Nov 27, 2020
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Jan 26, 2021

A mobile salon that delivers quality services to your doorstep! From haircuts to pet grooming, we’ve got it all covered.


About Me

Hi wonderful people, my name is Nadish Bhanot and I am super excited to introduce my app idea to all of you great supporters. I am thinking to launch it by the name of “Supreme Stylers” (Please tell any other names in comments too). With my app a person who needs a hair services (Customer) can simply open an app either to book an appointment where customer will choose his Styler, Date and Time or Instant service where customer will get a haircut from our handpicked stylers within 30min to 1hour. I came up with this idea because of the craziness going around the world because of COVID-19. Whenever I need to have a haircut I need to go to hair salon and have to interact with different people or I have to wait in my car even though I booked an appointment, Moreover it is not really safe either. Also me being a working professional does not have much time to go to Salon an get a cut. 

Why US?

Benefits for Customer 

  • Our stylers will come to your home, office or hotel to give you a fresh look.
  • Going for a instant date in evening after working an entire day, simply choose Instant service and our styler will give you a fresh look .
  • Stylers will follow all the sanitizing protocols in front of you so you will stay safe.
  • Our stylers will clean all the mess after giving you a haircut.
  • You want your favorite barber, we have created a business plan where a hair specialist who works in a Salon at $15-18/hour can earn upto $100/hour + tips.
  • You can earn certain Supreme Points  for a certain service and with 100 points get $10 off on your service.
  • Get special points on referrals and amazing discount during your birthday week
  • Review your Styler’s profile. Name, ratings, review, picture of hair services.

Benefits for Stylers

  • Pick Shifts according to your own convenience. 
  •  Maintain work life balance and earn upto $100/hour + Tips.
  • Refer app to your existing customer and get some rewards and get added to their favorite list and we will notify them when you are available.
  • Be your own boss and do not work under anyone else.
  • More hair services you provide, less will be our commission.
  • Just worry about your tools we will provide rest.

Thank you all for patiently reading all of my key ideas and all the campaigner for investing in the idea. This will bring a change to our lives.