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Apr 21, 2020
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Innovative disinfection robots for hospitals, with disinfection spray and UV-C light combined.

Covid-19 and upcoming situations: Hospital Sterilization Robot


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Offer overview

Swiss Robot AG (CH-Lucerne) with equity capital of CHF 12,000,000, divided into 30,000,000 registered shares, develops highly innovative service robots for commercial use in the following areas on the basis of its worldwide protected patent:

Large glass and smooth building facades

Tall ship hulls

Solar and PV systems

Silo and large tank systems

Variety of special and individual applications

The patent value for this disruptive technology was € 30.3 million at the time of its registration.

Building on this, approx. CHF 10 million has been invested in the development and creation of the prototype FR-1 for glass facade and PV system cleaning as capitalized R&D costs in recent years.

In order to optimize the existing prototype for the desired performance and quality parameter parameters, improvements are required to accelerate the drive on vertical glass surfaces and to improve brush integration.

With the outbreak of the global corona pandemic, the management and development partners of Swiss Robot AG recognized that the existing level of development for the prototype FR-1 would immediately make it possible to use the drive on horizontal, smooth floors and use this as the basis for setting up a disinfection robot for clinics, schools, commercial or shared rooms, corridors, etc. The decisive advantage over competing products is the suction power of the drive feet, which should actually bring in their attraction for vertical glass surfaces on skyscrapers, but can now also be used as an ideal basis for useful structures on the horizontal level without falling over.

The fight against viruses and bacteria will be of great importance for global social development, not only in the current pandemic phase but also in the future. The market for technological innovations that support people in the fight against viruses and bacteria will continue to grow and will be significantly shaped by robotic. Today, viruses and bacteria are primarily eliminated through the use of disinfectants, combined with a high level of manual effort, especially in the medical field. In some cases, bacteria are combated by UV-C radiation, which is very dangerous for the human eye and is therefore used with small self-driving robots in hospitals. However, due to their low height, these cannot be as effective as if the light source were emitted at a higher room height. On the other hand, they cannot achieve a greater radiation level, since they would have no hold and would fall over without the suction mechanism.

With the FTS Medical Robot, Swiss Robot will effectively combine both methods of control. Building on the drive of the prototype for facade cleaning FR-1, the FTS Medical Robot will have a 1.60 m high telescopic construction with UV-C lamps and four fold-out disinfection nozzles in the middle, which can be extended up to 3.20 m when used and then the UV-C light and the disinfectant are optimally distributed in the room.

In order to implement the project as quickly as possible, for which a development period of 3 to 6 months is planned until series production starts, the Board of Directors of Swiss Robot AG has decided to increase the capital by up to 10 million new shares at $ 3 per share and to offer up to 5 million shares via the Crowdfunder platform to interested investors. The minimum deposit is $ 300. When the minimum amount of $ 2 million is reached, the project starts immediately. For the intended IPO of SWISS ROBOT AG in 2022/2023 and the implementation of the business plan, a share issue price of min. CHF 20 can be a realistic goal.

The planned annual production for 2020 with 100 FTS Medical robots is completely reserved for Swiss hospitals and clinics. The management, designers, programmers, production facilities and production personnel are ready to go in Switzerland.