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T-RISK – Travel Security APP


T-Risk Platform and APP is a simple way to make the safest choices while you travel, knowing that we are there when you need us. T-Risk helping travelers worldwide to be safe and travel with peace of mind. T-RISK App is an application thought to mitigate the security risk of a journey.

The platform and the APP are already in use by B2B clients with always very positive feedback, we monitoring already an average of 250 travelers in low, medium, and high-risk countries.

– The App informs 24/7 about risks’ changes in the country of travel.

– The traveler can be tracked by security specialists. 

– The traveler is informed of the geopolitical aspect of the country. 

– The travelers receive notification push in real-time 

– Travelers can send an SOS 24/7

we work in the background for :

– Send Alert via push notification and emails 

– Tracking personnel on travel

– Geopolitical Monitoring of more than 200 countries 

– Manage crisis situation remotely / on-site

– Keep a record of travelers in real-time

– Store in the platform/app all type of documents 

– Register automatically expatriate to country enrolment program 

This platform/app was created to be constantly operational. Its control can also be performed via a single laptop connected to a 4G network. Even in the event that local security centers are not available for different countries, you will always have control from our operations room. Even if our OPS room is unusable, all our operators work on laptops, so they can operate from any area with internet access, ensuring the continuity of support and monitoring of all operations.

This platform and app were created by me personally, after my military experience on the French Foreign Legion, combine with the experience as a security consultant for private companies, with a total of 25 years of experience in extensive travel worldwide, even in dangerous countries. My background and experience are today made available to the private customer, and with this project, we want to bring it within the reach of the general public.

The basic project is already completed and already in use, we want to find the funds to evolve the T-Risk product for the general public, with a consequent structure for the support of users. We had already invested in the project around 300.000 £.

Please consult our website to have an idea of the product: www.t-risk.io