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Nov 14, 2020
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A board game where 2-4 players gather a party of heroes, collect gold and XP on their journey towards an X on a legendary treasure map.

3D miniatures available with the Full Box Set.


The Tales of Alethrion An Adventure Board Game takes place in the Tales of Alethrion universe, a 2D animated fantasy web series where you follow epic heroes and heroines on their intertwining journeys toward a mysterious treasure located at the X on a legendary treasure map. 

Embark on a quest with your favorite characters from the YouTube series Tales of Alethrion!

If you’re not yet familiar with the series, you can check out the latest episodes on our YouTube channel. Watch Tales of Alethrion here and remember to subscribe to the channel:

You can also pledge to get your hands on bigger sized collectible figurines and the newest Art of Tales of Alethrion Book with art from the game and the latest animated films. 

About the game

In this board game you control a party of heroes and make your way to the X on the treasure map! Your goal? To grow stronger by recruiting companions, collecting XP and gold. You can help or hinder other players, encouraging them to become kind allies or terrible enemies. 

However, no matter what happens on your epic journey, all players will face each other in a final battle… and the last hero standing wins the game.

Inside Standard Box Set Version

This includes everything you need in order to play the game and it has awesome in-universe artwork. This package doesn’t include the more costly production elements like the 3D miniatures and player’s overview sheets, but the game is just as fun and playable.

Inside Full Box Set Version

This is the hyper beam version of the game where you get all the extra deluxe stuff, 3D miniatures, tokens, player’s overview sheets and unlocked stretch goals:

 “Tales of Alethrion – An Adventure Board Game will often be picked at my game nights. It is easy accessible, highly social and in one of my favorite fantasy settings.” 

Jonas Juhl, Technical Director at Sun Creature. 


You can pledge to get both the 3D miniatures and the flat 2D miniatures. The 3D miniatures are much more expensive to make and print, so we decided to make two different versions to choose from. See the examples here:

Here is an example of Wilhelm as a playable miniature.
The board game miniatures are made by Maksym Mikolajczyk

The base game comes with the amount of 4 miniatures (2D or 3D). However, by reaching our stretch goals, we will be able to bring many more characters to life. See the designs here: 

Card Types

In the game your mission is to gather as many cards as possible to improve your heroes’ chances in the final battle.

The Board Tiles

You move your heroes on a map build from tiles. You can control the length of your game by increasing or decreasing the amount of tiles. You can also change the experience of your journey by putting the tiles in a random order.


Here are the rewards you can pledge for in this Kickstarter campaign:

3D miniature by _revvels on instagram – If we reach enough stretch goals we’ll make more collectable miniatures!

Stretch Goals

If you pledge for the “Full box set”, you’ll get all unlocked stretch goals. See the list below:

Game Rules

A game consists on a set duration of rounds; each game board tile is one round. On the tiles you have different scenarios that you will have to play through. These are mini games or battles that reward or punish heroes on each player’s team. 

A player has up to 3 heroes with different abilities on their team. The combat system uses 6 sided dice and is centered around your heroes abilities, defenses and attacks. An attack always ends a player’s turn, defense is rerolled each time a hero is attacked, and abilities can only be used a certain amount of times. If they have a high defense then they are hard to hit – but take more damage! If they have a low defense, then they are easy to hit – but take less damage. This can be both good and bad, since thugs will go after low defense and deal extra damage with their surprise attacks!

1 Set up

Each player chooses a hero card and its miniature. Place the hero card on your overview sheet and the miniature on the first tile of the game board.

Bruhn vs Gaya and Vito

2 Rounds and Scenarios

Each round, the players advance on a game board that looks like a treasure map that is set up with different tiles so that the journey can be longer or shorter depending on the time you have to play. The heroes will land on various spaces on the map and each one has a special scenario that will affect the gameplay. When all scenarios have been resolved in a round then the characters can use their gold and XP to improve their characters and proceed to the next tile. 

A scenario could be that a giant fish attacks and the players need to team up against it

3 Your Mission

On your journey you need to recruit more heroes an get access to multiple abilities. Weapons and spells can be put on your heroes to make them stronger and more strategic, but watch out for curses from other places that can kill, damage and weaken you. You also gain XP and GOLD that can be used to shop and improve your heroes at the ending of each round.

Gold and XP makes you stronger… – Alethrion

4 Winning the Game

Make your heroes as strong as possible on your journey so that you have the greatest chance of winning the treasure on the last tile of the game board where each player battle in a free for all fight until only one player is left to claim the treasure.

Standard Fighting System

If a scenario card refers to a standard battle then this is how it is played out:

Set Up

1. Roll your AC die for each of your heroes

2. Put a token on the amount of Hit Points and ability points your heroes have

3. Roll Initiative for each player. The player with the highest amount starts the first turn. If there is a tie, re-roll

Order of a turn

1. Declare if you want to cast a spell. If you throw a spell then you roll 1d6 and if the number is over the spell’s Spell Check, then the spell is cast. All spells can be attempted to be cast once per battle, except for Fireball since it is also a hero ability.

2. Declare your attack on a hero of another player.

3. Roll the attack die – You HIT if the number is the same as, or higher, than the AC die of the opponent you attacked. You MISS if it is under.

HIT: The damage given to the opponent is the same as his/her AC.

Example: you roll 5 on an attack against an opponent with AC 3, then he/she takes 3 damage.

MISS: the turn goes to the opposing player and no damage is dealt.

4. No matter if it is a HIT or a MISS, the defend- ing player must re-roll his/her AC.

5. It is now the defending player’s turn. If you are unable to take your turn because you ran out of hit points, then you get to choose another player to take the turn instead.

6. Abilities can be used in any of these phases unless something else is stated on the ability description.

Critical Hits and Fumbles

On a roll of 6 and 1 you are either landing a mighty blow or having an unfortunate accident. The attack dice can be affected by ability points so that you can force or avoid your own and other players’ Fumbles and Critical Hits.

Critical Hit

You hit your opponent right between the eyes!

1. When you roll a 6 on the attack die you get the chance to multiply the damage that you deal

2. After rolling 6, roll again. If you hit the AC of your opponent, then you deal twice as much damage. You cannot fumble on the attack rolls made after the first roll of 6.

3. Everytime you roll 6 in a Critical Hit attack roll, you roll again. For each hit, multiply the damage further with an extra x1.


• You roll 6 on an attack vs an AC of 3. You roll again and roll 2 (miss). The defending player receives 3 damage.

• You roll 6 on an attack vs an AC of 3. You roll again and roll 4 (hit). The defending player receives 6 damage.

• You roll 6 on an attack vs an AC of 3. You roll again and roll 6 (double critical). You roll again and roll a 6 (triple critical). You roll again and roll a 4 (hit). The defending player receives 12 damage.


You run into a tree branch, drop your sword and land on it!

1. If you roll a 1 on the attack die you fumble. You always fumble on a 1, even if your opponent has an AC of 1.

2. You take 1d6 damage.


• You roll 1 on your attack against an AC of 5. You roll again and get 3. You take 3 damage

• You roll 1 on your attack against an AC of 1. You roll again and get 4. You take 4 damage

• You roll 3 but then your opponent’s hero uses 2 Weaken ability points to move it down to 1. You roll again and roll 2. You take two damage.

Battle time!

Ability Points

These abilities can be used by spending your Heroes Ability points (top left shows the amount of abilities and which ability they have)


Can be used during any player’s attack roll.

• Add 1 to any attack die per ability point.


Can be used during any player’s attack roll

• Subtract 1 to any attack die per skill point


Before or after the attack roll of any player

• switch an AC die with another AC die


Before you roll your attack die, declare if you want to spend Surprise Attack ability point

• If your attack hits; deal +1d6 extra damage

• If your attack misses; you lose your ability point and it has no effect.


You cast a fireball against another player’s hero team before you declare your normal attack:

1. Roll 1d6 Spell Check. You have to roll 2 or more to be able to cast the spell.

1. If you cast it successfully then roll 1d6 again. This is the damage your fireball can give to another player’s team.

2. Each hero on the opposing player’s team makes a dodge roll. If a hero rolls 4+ then that hero receives no damage.

3. After the fireball damage has been resolved, you declare your normal attack against a hero. However, your normal attack roll will have -1 to hit.

The Art of Tales of Alethrion Book 3

Here are examples of how the book will look like inside. It is limited edition just like the previous 2 art books we made for The Reward and Season One.


We are budgeting 9% to the platform and the rest goes to printing, making, 3D modelling, illustrating, game developing, packing and shipping. All extra monetary support goes towards new animated episodes, and if any of you are wanting more animation specifically, you can help us by supporting our Patreon via this link! : https://www.patreon.com/TalesofAlethrion


The artists of Skjald are maxing out their creativity and imagination to bring you the best quality content. Besides Creative director and producer Mikkel Mainz, there are several people involved in the creation of this game: 

Producing – Ina Marie Christensen, Clara Neu

Creatives  – Fischer-Larsen, James Cavanaugh, Elisabeth Wengstad, Natasha Sallustio

3D Modeling – Maksym Mikolajczyk (30mm), Gijs “Revvels” van Kooten (70mm)

Game Testing – many people over years, but special thanks to Bo Juhl and Jonas Juhl.

Printing – we have several options for printing the board game and will choose the best fitting when we know how the campaign goes. For book prints we will use our collaboration partner on previous projects, Printing House Totem.

Thank you!

Thanks for stopping by and considering backing this Kickstarter! You’ll be getting an awesome board game and supporting talented artists and fellow fantasy enthusiasts. The journey is the reward! Take care.

Game Testing!

We will be using BackerKit as our post campaign platform! We have used them during our previous campaign and are happy with their creator- and backer friendly services.