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The Tatamu stool combines robustness with a thin and light-weight material, while being intuitive to use.


 We are TATAMU

We design flexible, adaptable, reusable  furniture that is a joy to use.

By 2050 two thirds of the earth population will live in cities. The main inspiration behind Tatamu is to provide flexible furniture for people whose space is limited or moving to new apartments frequently. During the design of the Tatamu stool we aimed to create an intuitive furniture that combines robustness with an ultrathin shape.

After developing the main idea of the chair, we worked closely with our manufacturer. Many detail tests and five distinct prototypes later, we could manage to make the foldable stool easily operable while retaining its strength. All Tatamu Stools are made in a traditional Japanese furniture workshop. Every single piece is hand built by dedicated craftsmen from start until finish, paying utmost attention to detail.

With 5.5 kilograms total weight, the stool is easily transportable. Measuring  only                  4 centimeters when folded, makes it possible to stack several of them in extremely narrow  niches. When unfolded, it reaches the optimal seating height of 43cm.

The Tatamu stool is:


You can choose from a wide range of materials to match the style of your own space: from dark walnut to simple plywood, white ash, or a variety of high quality fabrics.

Ash /Tamo/
White oak /Nara/
Teak /Chiiku/
Walnut /Kurumi/

 For whom?

Tatamu is for everyone who’s ideas are bigger than their room.

The host: now invite everyone you want over for dinner, board games or just a talk, without being limited by your space.
The organizer:Your events have outgrown your own apartment and you want to expand to presentations, shows or club meetups;TATAMU is the perfect choice for you as well.
The entrepreneur: Impress your clients with a well designed, truly intuitive foldable stool, by offering them seating anytime they need it.