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World’s First Hi-Res MagSafe DAC for Smartphones | High Fidelity Music Streaming


The Current Problems

‘Tea’ is an ultra-slim, high-resolution headphone amplifier for smartphones. This portable amplifier features the high-performance ESS ES9281AC Pro DAC. Feed your soul with lossless music from streaming apps like Apple Music, Tidal, and Qobuz.

All these issues with existing products have created a gap in the market for a wireless, portable smartphone DAC that will:
1) Faithfully decode and reproduce high-fidelity streaming lossless audio
2) Have its own internal power supply so that it won’t drain your battery
3) A beautiful design that blends seamlessly with your smartphone’s aesthetic
4) Supports high-resolution Bluetooth protocols like LDAC and aptX HD
5) Ultra slim and ultra-light form factor for maximum portability

Why Khadas Tea?

Any Audiophile would know, listening to Hi-Fi audio is a complex affair involving entangled wires, large DACs, and amplifiers. Our team at Khadas wanted to take the whole system and integrate it into a slim, stylish portable companion for your smartphone.

  • Ultraslim Design, < 7.95mm at its thickest point
  • MagSafe compatible
  • Internal 1160mAh Li-Ion battery for 8 hours of continuous Hi-Fi playback
  • High Performance Audio:
    THD+N, 1KHz, 300Ω    0.000355% (-109dB)
    Max Output @32Ω        165mW (2.3Vrms)
  • Bit-Perfect USB Audio:
    up to 32-bit 384KHz @PCM, or Native DSD 256
  • High-Resolution Bluetooth Audio:
    up to 24-bit 96 KHz
    LDAC, apt-X HD
  • Streaming:
    MQA, PCM

This is Khadas’ 3rd high-performance DAC. A worthy successor to our famous Khadas Tone1 and Tone2 Pro, Khadas TEA is an ultra-slim, high-resolution headphone amplifier for smartphones.

Any trouble completing your order, please kindly contact us at crowdfunding@khadas.com.

As Featured in

Lossless Audio

– No Compromise Audio

‘Tea’ uses the ESS ES9281AC Pro DAC chip for superior digital-to-analog conversion, so whether you’re listening to lossless streaming audio from your smartphone or a DSD file from your PC, ‘Tea’ will always over-deliver.

Hi-Res Bluetooth Audio

– Freedom to Move

On-the-go Android users can enjoy high-fidelity wireless audio when they use an Android phone with a Bluetooth chip that supports aptX HD or LDAC.

MagSafe Compatible

Free Your Hands for Greatness

Pocket Friendly
– Take Your Hi-Fi Music with You

‘Tea’ measures just 7.95mm at its thickest point, which means it can still comfortably slip into your pocket even when magnetically attached to your smartphone.

iPhone Aesthetic
Matches Your iPhone’s Design

‘Tea’ is machined from a single piece of lightweight and durable anodized aluminum, and the embedded toughened glass facade is fingerprint-resistant. All this adds to a design that seamlessly blends with your smartphone’s glass back for a simple yet stylish look.

Analog Output
Up to 300-ohm Headphones

‘Tea’ brings back the analog audio jack to your smartphone with 3.5mm output, so you can use your favorite high-fidelity headphones to listen to lossless streaming audio directly from your streaming app. Supports up to 300-ohm impedances. with a max output of 165mW (2.3Vrms) at @32Ω.

Inbuilt Battery
8 hours Continuous Playback

‘Tea’ incorporates a high-capacity 1160mAh lithium-polymer battery that provides up to 8 hours of continuous playback time, so you can enjoy your high-fidelity music throughout your entire day without draining your smartphoneʼs battery.

Bluetooth Calls
– Seamless Transitions

‘Tea’ includes two inbuilt microphones so you can receive and make calls without removing your headphones. Press the ‘power’ button to accept the call, and speak into the microphones next to the USB-C port.

Bit-perfect Audio

For the Audiophile who must always have a bit-perfect audio connection, a wired connection guarantees that you’re always listening to the original data stream.

‘Tea’ includes two cables in the box for connecting to your iOS or Android device. Each cable measures 100mm in length (w/ plugs), cable diameter of 2.1mm. The USB-C to Lightning Converter is MFi Certified.

‘Tea’ can be attached vertically to your iOS or Android phone whilst listening to music, or horizontally whilst gaming.

‘Tea’ works out-of-the-box with both iOS and Android OS. No driver or app installation is required.

What’s in the Box?

  • Tea Ultra slim hi-res headphone amplifier
  • USB-C to C cable
  • USB-C to Lightning converter
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card(12 months)

Any trouble completing your order, please kindly contact us at crowdfunding@khadas.com.


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