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Automatic Soap Dispenser with 20 Second Timer for Kids


How It Works

Hi I’m Kovi. And I’m your new handwashing buddy. I am here to help your kids stay healthy and have fun at the same time! Just place a hand under my spout, and I will automatically dispense the perfect amount of soap. My touchless design is more hygienic than traditional soap dispensers, and my spout makes it easier for kids to reach. To make sure hands are being scrubbed for the CDC-recommended 20 seconds, my tentacles light up for a 20 second countdown, and I jingle when it’s time to rinse!

It’s three easy steps:

Step 1: Get your soap
Step 2: Wash, scrub, and have fun for 20 seconds
Step 3: Kovi celebrates, letting you know it’s time to rinse

Product Details

  • Comes in four different Handwashing Buddies. Keep scrolling to see more.
  • Infrared motion sensor.
  • Easy to refill.
  • Holds 250mL of liquid hand soap.
  • Comes in one convenient size.
  • Includes 3 AA batteries.

Patent pending.

Meet Team Kovi

Team Kovi is made up of four different handwashing buddies, each is a different color.

From left to right:

  • Movi in light blue with dark blue tentacles
  • Kovi in purple with teal tentacles 
  • Emo in black with rainbow tentacles
  • Zobi in pink with dark blue tentacles

Who We Are

We are fathers, mothers, uncles, and aunts with one thing in common: We love to see our little ones happy, safe, and healthy. We live thousands of miles apart, and Team Kovi has brought us together to work on a product we believe in. We are excited to apply our track record of successful product launches to a product that is truly special – Team Kovi.

Members of Team Kovi

Why We Need Your Help

To offer Team Kovi at a reasonable price, we need to manufacture at scale. Injection molding tools and high-quality raw materials are expensive (see below), and we’re committed to making our products with high standards. Your pledge will help setup the factory and fund the first production run. Team Kovi will ship in April and arrive at your doorstep by April/May 2021.

Manufacturing Costs:

  • Molding Development/Production: $65,000
  • MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity): $20,000
  • UL/CE Testing Fees: $5,000
  • Packaging Costs: $2,000
  • Freight/Shipping Costs: $3,000

Disclaimer: Team Kovi resembles the Covid-19 coronavirus. It is for demonstrative purposes only. Not to scale.