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May 27, 2022
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Jun 22, 2022

A 5e supplement book bursting with creatures, planes of existence, exotic races, subclasses and much more for you to delve into.


 Thanis Rae’s Tome of Reflections not only provides a brand new continent teeming with life, culture, and wilds, but also introduces 3 new planes of existence. Dare to venture into the untamed and alien wilds of Nyrn, the alluring and sinful, smoke-filled streets of the Velvet Baazar, or find yourself lost, confused and afraid as you wander aimlessly through the breathing walls of the refractory. Stronger souls have failed before you… What makes you any different?

Thanis Rae’s Tome of Reflections is a 5e supplement book filled to burst with over 300 pages of races, subclasses, realms, wildlife, monsters, loot, optional rules, spells, and much much more for our favorite TTRPG.


Play as a scarlet priest (shown above) a cleric that wields the weird and powerful magic of Daeth’s realm: The Refractory. Release stampedes of prismatic beasts and damn your foes to a hysteric and hellish plane. Enjoy playing more from Thanis Rae’s Tome such as holy champions of the bestial and holy Fon, druids from secret covens that use magic plants to forge mystical poppets, and assassins that pull sinful oil from the Velvet Bazaar to ensnare and burn their quarries, as well as many more.

Thanis Rae’s Tome comes with a plethora of beautifully detailed monsters and wildlife. Every bestiary entry comes with a reason that a party of adventurers might want to hunt down or befriend each creature: Collecting royal silk from wild gemsbok, taming a rosebear to harvest the lichen garden on its back, or slaying a saltbear for its near impervious hide. Instead of your party taking time to shop or seek out a dealer of magical goods, send them on a quest to track down the eyot bulls of Noth Bay and claim one of those mystic hides as their own!

Many fantastic races are also available to be used as PCs. Below we can see the elegant Slaarik, a reptilian race descended from holy sky serpents. Enjoy 7 more race options within TRTR for you to forge a new and unique destiny with.

Thanis Rae’s Tome includes optional rules to use on your adventures within Xuran or for you to inject into your ongoing campaign. Have you ever thought it was weird that one minute you’re just a lady with a sword, then you slay a few dozen undead, and now suddenly you can throw fire bolts and create mystical barriers? Thanis Rae’s Tome of Reflections introduces Class Backgrounds; a way to flavor classes at level 1 so that the dive into your chosen subclass feels less like a choice you made in a book and more like a goal your character has been working towards since their conception.

The pale north of Xuran and its surrounding territories are filled with scheming factions, cold, and civil war. We’ve created rules surrounding mass combat so that you and your party can seamlessly switch between small group adventures and leading amassed forces against opposing armies and militia. With detailed tables and charts that take into account every pawn in the fight to simple stat blocks for battalions of archers vs. pikemen, TRTR has you covered for however you want to run your large-scale battles.

Optional skill checks are also being added. In our mind, a barbarian shouldn’t have to be charming or eloquent with words for a threat from a half-naked mountain of muscle to be intimidating. Knowledge skills such as Religion and Nature are going to be given optional rules for Druids and Clerics as well. Many more optional rules, charts, and tables within TRTR are sure to make for a smoother, more sensible game, regardless of what setting you choose to play in.

This is the first Kickstarter me and my small team has taken on. We wanted to keep pledge rewards simple, but of high quality, to ensure we can deliver in a timely fashion with as few hiccups as possible. Depending on the tier you pledge at, we are offering the above products (from left to right):

     – A 19×27 inch poster of the realms of Xuran, a sleek and classic representation of your coming adventures ahead

     – The digital PDF of the complete Thanis Rae’s Tome of Reflections

     – A beautiful gloss-cover hardback copy of Thanis Rae’s Tome of Reflections

     – 25+ reference cards for the new monsters and spells within TRTR

     – A gorgeous, full leather, dragon fruit dice bag capable of holding 4-5 sets of dice

     – A set of red-pearl resin dice depicting Daeth’s dragon fruit and the skull of a dead king, a worthy addition to any dice collection

     – A copy of the one-print-run of the special edition of TRTR, a sharp and rustic oatmeal canvas back with gold foil embossing of the holy fruit of Daeth on the cover

     – We are offering some of our generous backers, the opportunity to get consistent early glimpses at the production of TRTR. Monthly playtest materials let you get a taste for some of the races, subclasses, and monsters as you await our final product.

     – And finally, for the first 20 of our most generous backers, we are allowing you to work with our team to create a custom NPC that will appear, fully illustrated, within the final release of TRTR. You even have the option of sending us your picture to model the character after, allowing you to literally jump into the wonderful world of Xuran. You receive a display portrait of this character as well.

If we end up raising 180k, we’re confident that we will have raised enough to give out extras to all our backers in the form of upgrading reward tiers and hopefully adding rewards such as miniatures, map packs, and trinkets. Upgrades of physical goods would only be available for backers who had already pledged at a tier that would reward them with physical goods due to shipping costs, but additional digital material would be afforded to all backers of the Bazaar Floor tier.

The Campaign Intro and the Bazaar Adventure Module will be released as a PDF to backers of all pledge tiers. 100+ additional pages that can be used to easily lead a party through the ins and outs of this strange world we call Xuran, as well as the inky black that rests above it, The Velvet Bazaar.

Shipping and Add-ons

We are doing our best to keep shipping prices as low as possible. We do not currently have the ability to hire any kind of logistics agent or team, but we hope that once the project receives enough attention that we will be able to work with a 3rd party, such as Backerkit, to help us ship to additional countries and hopefully provide add-ons.

My name is Conner Meek. I’m a digital artist and writer who has loved tabletop games ever since I was 8. My dad pulled out his first edition red box and GMd for me and my little brother. It was a simple adventure, something silly and fit for a child, but I loved it. I begged to run my own adventure for them which my dad happily agreed to. TTRPGs have been a part of my life since that moment. I run or play in a game as often as I’m able to. Currently, I produce commission based artwork and create projects like Thanis Rae’s in my free time. This project getting funded means that I get to work my dream job for an entire year; forging and forming a world that I get to share with all of you. I hope to give everyone who reads my book the same experience I had as a child the first time I played, to explore a new and exciting universe built with the imagination of me and the people I love, carried there by a single beautiful book.

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Possible Questions

What is the money going towards? Raised funds after delivering pledge rewards will hopefully be in the range of 20-40k. These funds will be used to pay myself and as many other artists and writers as we can bring on to the project. Some of the money will also be used to purchase artwork, creation tools, and programs to make the final product look as professional as possible. As a commission artist, I know how unfair the scene can be, at times barely making $5 dollars an hour. I want to make sure every person involved in the project is getting paid what they are worth.

Why no add-ons? We are a very small operation and we are attempting to streamline the shipping and delivery process as much as we can. Custom orders introduce many new possible complications to correctly delivering the rewards you have earned by backing our project. We hope you understand and are not deterred from backing for this reason.

Why are shipping destinations limited? This is another issue of small operation. Without a 3rd party organizing prices we would have to block out individual countries with pricing and logistics. This is currently out of our purview. We also want to avoid leaving backers with upwards of $50 of customs charges to pick up their packages. 

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