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The Beauty Bullet is Make up in One Shot! It holds all items needed for a full face of makeup stationary and compact in one place.


The Beauty Bullet will be the Next Big Thing!  The Beauty Bullet holds all of the items needed for a full face of makeup compact and stationary in one place so you can’t loose or forget anything ever again.  All while staying clean and clutter free.  We all remember the Bic Pen with the 4 ink colors, well imagine, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, lip liner, with a double sided sharpener as cap, mascara on the other end, that is the Finishing Bullet.  The Color Bullet has roll on foundation, 5 shadows (eye, blush, highlighter, etc) with compact make up brushes attached, mirror and lip gloss on end.  The 2 Bullets then magnet together and you simply toss them in your purse, suitcase or backpack.  Thats it!  Beauty Bullet – Makeup in One Shot!

Now….. we have all packed to go away or just run out for the day and either lost or forgot an item or 2.  The Beauty Bullet keeps everything compact and stationary eliminating that problem for good.  Not to mention the HUGE makeup bags that we carry around, not only is it a mess, we only use half of what we carry!  The Beauty Bullet allows you to “Personalize” your makeup, and choose “only” what you use and your own individual colors.  

The Beauty Bullet – Makeup in One Shot!

I have been a Cosmetologist and Makeup Artist for 30 years,  This idea came to me one day when I was doing a Bridal Party.  While holding all pencils needed in one hand while doing the Brides makeup, because every second is crucial, one of the clients said “You make this look so easy”.  She then said I have a color that I always use, was hoping you could use it on me today, but I seemed to have forgotten it when I packed to come.  That’s when the light bulb went off!!  I went home that night, rushed into my garage and proceeded to cut up my own personal make up, PVC pipes, and crazy glue this idea together…… and the Beauty Bullet was born!

I have taken the prototype to the Salon I work at and shared the concept with clients.  It was an astounding response!  I am getting phone calls daily asking when can they purchase.  Even male clients that don’t wear makeup have observed and not only LOVED it, the are calling daily looking for the perfect present for their ladies!

So folks I NEED YOUR HELP!  This will be the next big thing like Keurig was for coffee!  I need investments for tooling, manufacturing, distribution, and advertising.  We plan on strong Internet Sales, Retailing in stores, and eventually Licensing to other major makeup companies so their brands will be Beauty Bullet compatible, like Keurig.  In addition to the initial sale of the Beauty Bullet, additional and repeat sales will be needed for refills, seasonal colors, and we plan on “upselling” with a Beauty App in which we will introduce new colors and techniques.

Beauty Bullet Refills

So what do you say…….  please make an investment.  Lets “Stay Beautiful” together!!

The BEAUTY BULLET  –  Makeup in One Shot!!