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You are a Breacher, an expert hacker. Will you be able to steal data from Gene.sys, a secret system controlled by the Achab Corp?


The Breach is a competitive Net Crawler game for 1-4 players, lasting approximately 25 minutes per player, where they attempt to breach the Gene.sys database to steal secret information.

Each player is a Breacher, a digital rebel, guided by their ideals or by their Faction interests. The game map is Gene.sys, a virtual universe of mysterious origin, currently controlled by the Achab Corporation. Inside it preserves and hides unimaginable knowledge and technologies, whose progressive decoding has allowed the Corporation to expand its influence and power over the entire planet in just a few short months. 

After hacking into the database, the Breacher Avatars will need to face several dangers: not just other Breachers, but also Guardian controlled by the A.R.M., who will try to stop the incursions. In case of need, A.R.M. will also use powerful Heralds to put an end to intrusion attempts. The Breach is a Net Crawler with a distinctive resource management system, set collection mechanics, and variable powers. Your objective is to spread your viruses inside the database while gathering as much information as possible. You will be able to upgrade your Avatar, assign viruses, fight I.C.E. and other Avatars, explore the rooms of Gene.sys, but also install programs and use cheat codes to manipulate the database according to your needs.

Spectacular two-component miniatures and stunning graphic creations will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the game’s setting, giving you the opportunity to personalize and identify your role as a Breacher. Your victory could lead to the awakening of a greater consciousness towards a better world or push all of humankind towards a dark and unexpected fate!

 The Achab Corporation has deployed its deadliest weapon in defense of its Database: Prometheus! The first I.C.E. Titan-class, an opponent so fearsome that to survive the Breachers will have to put aside their differences and… collaborate!

This expansion introduces co-op mode to The Breach. Players will need to coordinate to defeat the giant Prometheus and his Aithons, I.C.E. minors commanded directly by the Titan.

The Breachers will also be able to count on a new Avatar model to face this new challenge: Nero is ready to sow flames and destruction within the Network, as long as the Breacher who controls him will be able to manage his destructive powers!

Hacker Pledge will include a copy of “The Breach” Core Box, plus all unlocked Stretch Goals from this campaign.

This pledge does not include shipping. You will be asked to pay it after Kickstarter ends, from the Pledge Manager level. See shipping section for more details.

 Titan Pledge will include a copy of “The Breach” Core Box, plus Prometheus expansion and all unlocked Stretch Goals from this campaign.

This pledge does not include shipping. You will be asked to pay it after Kickstarter ends, from the Pledge Manager level. See shipping section for more details.

This pledge does not include shipping. You will be asked to pay it after Kickstarter ends, from the Pledge Manager level. See shipping section for more details.

Untouched by events, Mastro Peio continues undeterred his business, creating new powerful items to sell in his shop.

In this section you will find all the available add-ons, they will be revealed over the course of the campaign. For each add-on, we will release an update to explain its contents and game mechanics.

You can purchase add-ons for your pledge through a drop-down menu before confirming your payment details or, if you already pledged, managing your Pledge on Kickstarter. It will add the additional cost to your pledge before finalizing your payment.

To improve the aesthetic and ergonomy of the game, a set of cosmetic add-ons will be available within the Pledge Manager to add them together with your pledge. Those items are also already available from our web store.

In this section you will find video and comments from all people who will receive The Breach prototype. Reviews will be

The Breach sees the debut of Fernando Armentano as Art Director for this fantastic game.

Giovanni Pirrotta and Eleonora Lisi, with their visionary concepts, really breathed life into the imaginary world of The Breach.

Each image, character or piece of design in-game was conceptualized to give you a full immersion in the cyberpunk feel of the game.

Each image and each miniature is a new challenge taken by our artistic team which includes illustrators, graphic designers and sculptors, with the sole purpose of creating a credible and captivating setting. You will immerge yourself in this incredible world, Cyberpunk with Fantasy traits, which originates from Sine Tempore and represents the prequel of D.E.I. (Divide et Impera) .

Our artists improved their abilities, thanks also to modern 3D printing technology, they were able to dare, going deeper with incredible details to make each single model a small masterpiece. All models are in 38mm scale, in line with most modern games. Below you can see our models compared to those of other popular games.

Here, you can get a better idea of the scale between the different The Breach models.

To create this project our sculptors, Fernando Armentano and Tommaso Incecchi, out-did themselves, giving true life to the new models. Each miniature has been studied and developed to provide the best possible result for the final product.

The experience they acquired during the last few years gives us the confidence to say that you will have in your hands some of the best miniatures within the hobby industry. 

 Our sculptors work closely with the factory engineers to ensure that all miniatures match the highest possible standard within the market. We’re now managing internally all 3D prototyping, this gives our sculptor the chance to experiment different solutions, immediately see results and areas of improvement, with an overall increase of the miniature quality.

In this section you will find a selection of painted miniatures from The Breach Core Box and Expansions.

Michele Morosini (Rome 1991), after earning a degree in Physics at La Sapienza University, joined the LMS team with the role of developer, while continuing in his spare time his activity as a boardgame designer.

From a young age he showed an interest in all forms of games, especially board games, developing unique mixing of existing dynamics and house rules along new creative solutions.

According to recent rumors, he’s in love with strategic and highly immersive games. His favorite ones are: Twilight Imperium IV, Through the Ages and Battlestar Galactica.

Passionate about several titles published through KS, he’s now embarking on his first adventure as an author with strong enthusiasm and some great expectations too, perhaps hoping to become successful enougu as to repay all those accumulated debts!

The company was founded thanks to the combined passion of three board game enthusiasts, who decided to transfer their appreciation and love for quality products into the creation and development of new and unique projects.

In the last five years, the Ludus Magnus team has grown to include new members, creating a close family of 16 people.  Our team includes illustrators, sculptors, game designers, administrative, marketing, and logistics staff. This means we are able to fully conceive, develop, and produce a game using in-house resources.

In recent years the company has also acquired significant experience working on third-party projects, collaborating with companies such as Ares Games, Pendragon Games, Maki Games, Minion Games, Tabula Games, Reggie Games, and Ergo Ludo Edition.

Thanks to past projects, we have been able to establish a number of collaborations with external artists and game designers who bring additional energy into our games.

During this campaign, we hope to reveal and unlock a number of creations designed specifically for The Breach by the most renowned Italian Illustrators: Italy has produced some of the finest art the world has ever seen.

We, at Ludus Magnus Studio, hope to continue that fine tradition.

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These estimates are based on an estimated final weight of the Hacker Pledge (approx 7kg). Keep in mind that adding optional buys or additional pledge levels will raise the weight of your pledge and may also then raise the final shipping price.

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We regret that we are unable to ship to PO Boxes, and to the following countries: Cuba, Iran, Burma (Myanmar), Sudan, North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan. We can add more countries to this list at a later date.

Please note, however, that if a new wave of COVID hits the Chinese factories or the shipping industry the next year, this delivery estimate may be affected beyond our control.

Thanks to our prior experience in game production we can establish where there may be delays in delivery. All KS projects where the number and type of SGs and add-ons imply a subsequent development and playtest phase can usually lengthen the time for shipments from a few months to a couple of years.

Supporting a game on Kickstarter means following its development and being part of its success. Massive games like The Breach would never have seen the light of day following a more classic production line.

To reward all the backers who will support this project, a series of Stretch Goals are planned that will significantly increase the value of the game, adding components, miniatures and variability.

Looking to our precedent projects, you can easily see the relevant economic difference between supporting the crowdfunding campaign and buying all its parts later through our online store.

Supporting The Breach also gives you the opportunity to obtain Kickstarter exclusives.