$2,356 raised out of $112,000
Start date
Dec 07, 2020
Close date
Feb 05, 2021

A must have organisation accessory


The Caddy journey and hopes 

Hello project backers! 

This is THE CADDY v1, a quality, durable, organisational aid! 

I first had the idea of a vertical storage caddy around 7 years ago when I was having to use cheap plastic trays to carry my plumbing sundries and no matter how hard i tried it always ended up looking a mess and in turn making me less productive an frankly added to the stresses of my job. I shelved my idea as I knew no way of creating a prototype or even how i could fund such a project. Fast forward to 2020 and in the middle of the first UK COVID-19 lockdown i decided i would purchase a 3D printer and see if my idea was indeed as good as I thought it was. After alot of youtube videos and self teaching i finally got to press the go button on the printer for the very first caddy prototype. This prototype took 13 consecutive days to print and drove me and my family crazy having to listen to the noisy printing process while at home, but it was worth it! I finally had the design that popped into my head in my hands and it felt brilliant. 

From there I decided to see what the internet thought of my creation and posted it into a plumbers group on facebook. It was a hit! it was then I knew I had to do everything possible to get this product in peoples hands and so I set to creating a facebook group for those who are interested in THE CADDY and its how I have now created this kick starter to get this amazing organising aid to all those people who believe that this is the product they need to have a stress free organised work or home life. 

The funds pledged go towards the following : 

Tooling design 

Tooling creation 

Product trials 

Product creation 

Website design 



There are currently 5 types of insert that have been prototyped and the list below shows the full list of 10 inserts that will be available to anyone who wishes to back THE CADDY journey.

1, Gas Bottle 

2, Flux pot

3, Solder

4, Silicone tube 

5, Screwdriver 

6, Chisel 

7, Split with lid 

8, Split without lid 

9, Full with lid 

10, Full without lid

THE CADDY v1’s features:

1, 1 solid injection moulded piece 

2, Rubberised feet for use on delicate surfaces 

3, Stackable design 

4, 8 large, uniformed compartments for use ‘as is’ or customising using inserts listed above.

5, 4 side pocket inserts for small objects such as pencils. 

I now have a dream of creating multiple inserts for all kinds of users and maybe even one day creating a family of similar CADDY products. But lets start with the basics and get this product out there! 

Thankyou very much for your time and i hope you to believe in this CADDY as much as I do! 

Insert examples flux and gas
Plumbing set up
Prototype example

Stay updated with the whole progress of THE CADDY jouney by joining the facebook group below.