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The Digital Anatomy is the digital anatomical picture book for saving animals’ lives.



Who are we?

We belong to Human Animal Bond Co. and have a corporate mission of “making better bonds between humans and animals”. Human Animal Bond Co. is Japanese company that plans and produces with the aim of making a society where people and animals can live in a better relationship more.

This project –making the Digital Anatomy app- is the anatomical picture book that saves animals’ lives. This can only be created by our company has worked in the veterinary industry for many years.



What is the Digital Anatomy app?

Thank you for your interest in our project.

The Digital Anatomy is anatomical picture book application can deepen students’ understanding of learning and improve the quality of veterinary doctors.

There is already an anatomical picture book with sufficient knowledge and detailed anatomical diagrams.

However, the Digital Anatomy app we want create can improve the quality of learning with intuitive operation.




What can you do by the Digital Anatomy app?

Please let me explain what the Digital Anatomy app is different from the paper anatomical picture book.


  •  Realistic 3D models

In learning using 3D models, it’s possible to learn while checking the structure of the animal’s body more realistically than learning on paper.

Not only you can feel the texture of the animal’s body with high-quality 3D models, but you can also check the animal’s body at any angle and size by rotating, zooming in and out of 3D models.

You can also get rid of the selected part and see its back, so you can understand the complex animal’s body positional relationship in detail.

The Digital Anatomy is in demand not only for veterinary students and veterinary nursing students but also for veterinary workers who are active in veterinary industry. Because in this app, not only can you see detailed body parts, but you can also see cross-sections, and muscle movements in 3D models.





  •  App features for learning

The Digital Anatomy is a learning app, so it has features that are useful for learning.

There is a writing function by the pen tool. You can make notes of important points during class and during self-study. This feature is also expected to be used for informed-consent at animal hospitals.

And, you can also save the screen you’ve noted as an image, so you can use it for presentations or making a memo card for learning.

It also has a quiz function, so you can encourage self-study repeatedly.




  • Digital teaching material

We introduce that it is possible to see any angle and zoomed-up details of digital teaching materials, but the merits of digital teaching materials are not limited to that.

You don’t have to carry a heavy paper anatomical picture book with you for learning.

It’s possible to aggregate a huge amount of information into one terminal by making an anatomical picture book application, and it makes you be able to learn easily anytime, anywhere.

We want to create the Digital Anatomy app that has substantial contents than the analog anatomical picture book adapt to the digitalization of the world.



If this project is successful and more money is collected than the goal, we have set a second goal.

When the second goal is achieved, we want to create not only normal models, but also detailed models such as the eyeball, teeth, and tongue. So, this app is useful tool for students who want to learn professionally and veterinary specialists.

And, we also add 3D animation of informed consent to create teaching materials that can learn about diseases too.




Why do we create the Digital Anatomy app?

The concept of the Digital Anatomy app is “the anatomical picture book to save animal’s life”.

This concept is exactly why we want to create this app.

By deepening understanding of learning with this app, it can expect that quality of veterinary doctors and veterinary nurses improve all over the world.

The improvement of veterinary care can save sick and injured animals from suffering and their owners from anxiety.

The creating of the Digital Anatomy will lead to the saving of many lives as a result over a long time.




And, based on the concept, we are thinking of donating 10% of this app’s revenue to the dog and cat preservation group.


Expectations for the Digital Anatomy app

We interviewed experts who are active in the veterinary care industry about what kind of demand and impact the Digital Anatomy app may have.


Nobutsune Ichihara

Associate Professor, Laboratory of Anatomy 1, 

Doctor of Veterinary Science Department, Azabu University

麻布大学 獣医学部 解剖学第一研究室

准教授 市原伸恒先生

Motoharu Oishi

Senior Lecturer, Laboratory of Anatomy 1

Doctor of Veterinary Science Department, Azabu University

麻布大学 獣医学部 解剖学第一研究室

講師 大石元治先生

Satoshi Takagi

Associate Professor, Laboratory of Small Animal Surgery

Doctor of Veterinary Science Department, Azabu University

麻布大学 獣医学部 小動物外科学研究室

准教授 高木哲先生

Masanari Nakayama DVM,Ph.D,Diplomate JCSAS

Board Chairperson, Nakayama Veterinary Hospital

Former visiting professor of Obihiro University of agriculture and veterinary medicine, 

Kitasato University, and Osaka Prefecture University.




取締役会長 中山正成先生

About the Goal

We set the crowd funding goal of 14.5million.

This is an expensive project, but it’s the amount of money needed for learning improvements and saved lives by the Digital Anatomy.

We can say with confidence that we should not give up on the reasons of money, but we should make it.

私たちは今回クラウドファンディング の目標額を1450万に設定しています。


About the Rewards

We want to return the Digital Anatomy app itself as a reward to our backers.


Thank you very much for your support.


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