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Dec 01, 2020
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Jan 29, 2021

A Revolutionary Burial Alternative Hand Painted Portrait Urn Company


Recently our family received the most devastating loss.  As tradition we made arrangements for the passing of our loved one. She had a catholic burial, it was beautiful. During the service , I noticed several family members keeping small mementos. This is what got me thinking. Traditionally there are not too many options when it comes to the burial process. This is why I propose to establish a company that will present the world a  revolutionary service for a custom way for the loved ones to be immortalized in the form of art work. Cremation is a tradition where upon the request of the loved one the physical body is incinerated  and traditionally placed in an Urn for display. Its a way to give to their families a unique and beautiful way to remember them. My service is to use the incinerated remains specially mixed with pigment and eternally  artistically applied on a canvas in their likeness. This could provide the world a new way to forever be remembered. A way for your family to come and pay respect to see you and to forever cherish the loved one. The company needs funding to begin. Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to give this gift.