$160 raised out of $50,000

Magnetic receptive gaming mat(s), with magnetized accessories for Table Top RPGs and modular board games.


We started DD Prints to be company that embraces 3D printing. This is our first project and we want to have it provide a firm foundation for our products and our community. All of the sourcing and materials are chosen and finalized, and we have our production technique solid. The caps have been tested against many different sizes of figures and models. The magnets inside have been paired specifically for the gauge of steel used in the Grip Mat. 

To eliminate any confusion, the Grip Mat is a magnetically receptive gaming mat for Table Top RPGs and other modular games. The mat has steel plates inside which have been treated to resist weathering. The Grip Caps are small, silicone caps with a slot for  a removable magnet. The silicone portion of the cap will grip the bases of mini’s and figures while the magnet grips the steel plates. This grip combo helps to prevent toppling and wobble of minis and can also be used on 2D art details to prevent sliding.

The funds from the project will go towards providing a tangible product as well as providing capital for the start up to move into a full warehouse workspace. We plan to make this happen by being transparent about our process and our goals so that backers can make informed decisions before making their pledge to support. The Grip Mat design is simple but effective, with room for modification later in the company’s timeline. The Grip Caps are an excellent tool for all TTRPG games and gamers. We recognize that the caps are not one-size-fits-all but we plan to add more sizes of caps such as 23mm, 25mm, and the 2inch cap for large creatures. We would also like to add that the COVID-19 situation has placed unusual demands and circumstances on manufacturers and we will focus on completing the campaign in a timely and safe fashion to make sure everyone’s pledges are met on time. 

Easy Tracking

Some of our future projects for 3D printed and resin models include 3D terrain features such as walls and trees that are slimmed down, yet stable. Don’t forget to check out the Add-Ons for some of our first sculpts as well as options for additional colored Grip Caps and T-shirts.