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Jun 14, 2022
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Aug 13, 2022

4 theatre actors – 4 sole episodes and one together. They find themselves alone in the jungle and excellerate in old theatre roles.


THE HEART OF DARKNESS (working title)

A group of actors – the jungle

Their life in the spot light – old roles from theatre come up.   

Hand camera meets theatre lights and again: the jungle. Wide beautiful shots show us the power of the jungle. The sounddesign lets us dive into this experience.    

Is it a dream? Is it happening? Where does the ship come from? And how to get out of this hell? Apocalypse Now meets Fitzcarraldo in the Heart of darkness (Conrad).     

Mankind against nature – the old battle.     

Childhood dreams comes up and we are thrown in the real past. The bell rings and the performance starts. Again.  A homage to great actors. To theatre and arts.  

In this movie star extraordinary actors from your beloved theatre. Will you see the homage to their recent and past works?

This feature film will be experimental. Different episodes show different lifes.   Everywhere: the jungle of life. All is connected as the roots of the trees.    

What is reality and what is dream?   

90 Minutes power and suspense – post dramatic and uncertainty.   

The jungle, the sounds and voices. And how to survive these conditions?    

Production: Picco-Studio Production LTD. Written and directed by Alexander Ratter  Coming up in cinemas 2023. Watch out.