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Luxury and modern bedding at affordable prices


The Needo, the best bed sheets in the world at an incredible price

What is it?

The Needo is the new, digital and cool brand who is going to revolutionize the bedding market in Europe. We are offering super high quality, sustainable and cool bed sheets and linen at very affordable prices. The Needo will extend the luxury of the best linen for everyone.

The Needo – The best bedding in the world for everyone

· Quality is our obsession: Our sheets and duvet covers are made in Guimaraes, Portugal, with the best 100% cotton in Percale and Sateen. Super soft, warm, and pleasurable. The same fabrics that you can only find in the best hotels of the world. Now our dream is to include the linen in our collection, linen is one of the most luxurious and softest fibers to sleep.

· The best possible affordable price: Only 100€ instead of more than 400€ in department stores. We make this possible by selling directly from producers to consumers and getting good economy of scale.

· Simpler is always better: simple design (no extra cost for unnecessary garments and accesories) and neutral and modern colors.

Luxury sheets for everyone

Why The Needo is different and better?

· Excellence in the materials and  control of the production process: We personally take care of the production in Portugal, in audited factories with OEKO TEX certificate. We ensure that only the best fabrics are used, and supervise all the production, from design, colors, quality and delivery.

Our reusable and recyclable packaging

· Our materials:

–       100% long-staple cotton

–       Percale in 300 Thread count and Sateen in 500 Thread count (WoW!) this order is on the way but  our ultimate goalwe didn’t have enough money to order linen bedding, the most unique and luxurious fiber for bedding,.

–       Made in audited factories in Guimaraes, Portugal.

–       OEKO-TEX certified

–       Sustainable: our packaging is recyclable and factories are in Europe, closer to our customers.

· The key for the incredible prices is distribution and the supply chain: we sell directly to the consumer, with no intermediaries. The market prices for this type and quality bedding is four times higher, but we sell it online, from the factory to the customer. That’s why we can provide the best quality, the best sheets in the world, at a quarter of the cost.

· We keep it simple and cool, taking care of design. Simplicity is also our luxury. We, the founders of The Needo, are two young designers who believe that beautiful things can do life much better and softer. We design simple sheets, with plain colors, with no ornaments or unnecessary accessories. Colors are warm and soft and trendy.

· The customer at the center. We value our clients the most. We will provide personalized attention, and take care of the whole shipping process with extreme care. The growing The Needo community is developing fast under #myfirstneedo

Quality and simplicity: our obsessions

Who are we?

Lucía Gómez (33) and Celia Arroyo (26) are two young female entrepreneurs based in Madrid, Spain. We studied business and design, and love fashion and style. In a trip to Porto, Portugal, in 2020, before the pandemic, we stayed in the coolest boutique hotel, and were amazed by the quality of the linen, produced nearby, in Guimaraes.

None of those bed sheets were available in Madrid at any store at an affordable price. It was clear that the intermediaries, the distribution costs and the complexities of the business were all rising the prices. After visiting the Guimaraes small, family owned factories, we decided that everyone could have those wonderful bed sheets at the best possible price. That’s how The Needo was born – to provide everyone the pleasure of the most comfortable and luxury bedding in the world.

We are two female entrepreneurs – Celia Arroyo and Lucia Gonzalez

The Rewards

1. LINEN table chot

With the finest linen made in Portugal with the finest Europa flax, this unique linen tablecloth to dress up you table as you deserve. 

Best meals, best company with the most natural and elegant linen in natural colors.

size 150 x 250 cm

OEKO-TEX® certified for chemical safety. 

2. Our easy comfort set in LINEN 100%!

Our best bundle in LINEN, pure comfort and softness made in Portugal with European flax. 

It includes everything you need to rest, give you a treat.

1 flat sheet + 1 fitted sheet + 2 pillowcases

Set Easy Comfort in linen made with the finest European Flax and crafted in Portugal with OEKO TEX certificate for chemical safety


– 1 fitted sheet

– 1 top sheet

– 2 pillowcases


– OEKO-TEX® certified for chemical safety

– European Flax

– Made in Portugal

Our most versatile set to all types of bed providing comfort and a luxurious and natural touch.

3. The Cozy Needo Bundle in LINEN 100%

The Bundle Cozy Needo in super soft LINEN, the most luxury fiber in the world, the softest and the finest 

What’s included?

– 1 duvet cover

– 1 fitted sheet

– 2 pillowcases


• OEKO-TEX® certified for chemical safety

• LINEN made from the finest European flax

• Made in Portugal

•       Best bundle to upgrade your nights


Shipping is free for Spain, France, UK, Germany, Portugal and Italy.

For the rest of the world, we pay a big part of the shipping and you only pay 5€ (29 € for the rest of the world).

How to choose?

1. Choose the quantity. The more, the merrier!

If you want more than one set or one tote bag, no problem! Just pledge according to the number of products!

ie: if you want  two Cozy Needo Sets, pledge 500€, please

2. Choose the colors

For now, three colors are available: white, light green and terracotta.

We need your help to increase your color options. More will come thanks to you.

3. Choose the size

For now, three sizes are available: beds of 135 cm, 150 cm, or 180 cm.

We need your help to increase sizes. More will come thanks to you.

4. Tell us where to send it to you

Free shipping in Europe (France, Germany, UK, Italy, Portugal)

Rest of the world: + 29€

Funding Goals

We have a funding goal of 70.000€ to make our first order of linen 100% made in the best supplier in Portugal. 

If we have 50.000€ we will produce linen bedding and table clothes in 4 colors: white, beige, terracotta and grey (see examples below of how it will look),

But if we get 70.000€ we go to 6 colors! we will add to the order Light pink and light yellow, the really cool colors for modern beds (see bellow).

First goal colors (50.000€ of funding): white, grey, beige and terracota

Beige color (example) of LINEN
Grey example
Terracota linen example composition

Second goal: 70.000€ and we will produce also those dreamy colors: 

Light Pink pantone
Light yellow! example / swatch

Timing & Process

It will take one month and a half to do the linen bedding and table clothes in Portugal. 

By the end of December 2020, you can have your super cool linen bedding and/or table clothes.