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Nov 14, 2020
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Dec 21, 2020

NEW ART BOOK and next show Installation



BIG MAGIC!- LARGE SCALE self appropriations of my own iconic cards done in oil and HUGE for my last show

***If you would like to see a video and audio recording of why my work currently deals with the things it does and some the forces behind this journey, the narrative installations and other things go to the very bottom of the page**


First, last and always- those of you who have cared about my work over the years- you have been my wings… truly.. my gratitude is impossible to measure. 

From the time I started working as an artist..  first in comics and then gaming, and even in the gallery work and large installations I now make.. my work was NEVER, has never been, THE perfect fit. In the world of comics etc… my work had NO bulging muscles (nor shiny spherical boobs!), no testosterone or special effects….. yet you embraced it nonetheless. 

You’ve helped me defy the odds of every professional portfolio review early on that said be something different…to be “less girly”,or romantic or emotional- or MORE of some other arbitrary thing. 

And even now as I’ve been building my career again from the ground up in the gallery world-often addressing painful difficult things, things not easy or comfortable to think about, as I both grappled with and celebrate narrative and cultural myths- so many of you are somehow still with me. 

The NY POST a few years ago said something like “the nerdy artist who took her work from fantasy gaming to the New York City gallery scene” about my first show in Brooklyn. 

ITS TRUE I am and will always be just a nerdy artist trying hard to keep saying something that is HONEST to me but might not fit into anyone’s mainstream.

Artists often work in a void, a vortex in the studio alone.. crisis of confidence are regular dragons we battle… but.. because of your support of my work over the years..I feel you at my back when I’m in the studio and often if helps me believe in myself in the low moments, so I can move through to the next place and just keep working…keep working.

I honor it all so much. Thank you.


The freedom and ability to make the next collected art book: The Present.

(This 160+ page catalogue of works will include all the paintings from 2014-2020 as well as over 20 new sketchbook pieces from early MTG projects recently found in storage)

The freedom and ability to do a reprint of the TRADE Edition of my last book Evolution.

The incredible inestimable -soul rocking – freedom and ABILITY to create the next immersive large scale show installation like The Room Of Lies ( pictured above) that continues my goals as an artist addressing pop culture and the societal power of myth and narrative.

You’ll be giving me the freedom to do the work independent of expectation, and you’ll be giving me the practical tools in the funding to make it happen.

While the concrete goals of the KS are surrounding the publication of the next BOOK (and to create the special limited edition backer gifts for you in the process)- the larger goals are about freedom and patronage of something bigger.


( note:link to the Backer Gifts Gallery is at the bottom of the page)

Special Extended Limited edition Play Mat and Print-Hanna Kami-AND MORE.See below for the links to the Backer Gifts Gallery * I will be working directly with MTG on any related expansions on playmats to incorperate appropriate logo and copyright related to Magic for the final playmat designs-This is to give you a very CLOSE proximity to the final mat presentation
Monsters Limited Edition playmat and print-AND MORE.See below for the links to the Backer Gifts Gallery

I deeply value the patronage you may give, so I’ve assemble some special gifts that will be just for you in the form of new works, rare prints, collectibles and some special and beloved art and sketches from my studio- in return for the gift of your pledge to my campaign.

These backer gifts are all limited items,or one of a kind,and will be made ONLY for this campaign and its backers. 

This campaign will be in keeping with the kinds of campaign’s that fund movies or larger scale projects that will take more time to produce. In backing my coming projects (the new book and new art installation), rather than committing now to buying the book and waiting a year+ you will receive your backer GIFT ( prints, art, collectibles etc..) FOR that support WELL AHEAD of any book productions or any exhibition of new work.

Why not offer the Book itself right NOW as one of the Backer gifts you might ask?

Good Question! The reason is that I don’t know how Covid-19 will effect small run art book publishing and interaction with overseas printing.

Its ALL been so unexpected! I want to make sure get people the GIFT they are expecting for their support of my work as a complete and separate thing!

If you would like to get a BOOK  when It comes outin addition to your backer gifts you will have received between now and then-I have some bonuses for you:

Pledges for gifts of $500 + ( for any combination of rewards..) get one FREE copy of a signed book, WITH a simple sketch of my choice,at time of publication and you will only have to cover shipping and handling to your location at time of publication(est.Jan 2022)

Pledges for gifts of $150+ will get the option to purchase one copy of either book, signed by me, at time of publication for $50+shipping and handling (for comparison the first printing of the Evolution book Trade Edition sold for $70 during the KS and $90 when I sold it at shows post KS, and the CE Edition was $350 post KS).

**Again-for total clarity-If backers choose the book options they will have to cover shipping to their location, and I will be in touch with everyone to arrange that at the time of publication- estimated early 2022 for the book/s completion**

I will honor these reserved copies for backers for 3 full months after publication of the book- OR so long as copies are available- whichever gives the patron more time.

In these uncertain times, I’m hopping you will help me make something inspired happen.

To this end-I ALSO have some very sweet push gifts,free add on’s and bonuses that will get unlocked if we reach certain funding goals past the initial one.

While I make NO assumptions that I will be so fortunate as to reach these goals-IF the campaign does, I’ll make some really cool rewards available, including: 

>Closed edition original playmat’s and prints 

>A special collaboration with a favorite MTG artist

>FREE add on gifts for all backers

>AND and a release of a playmat and print of the NEW piece that will mark the return of my art that will be included in the MTG gamein a new piece coming out in MAY ( you heard it here first!)-I can’t show it to you until its released, but I LOVE it and they let me do ANYTHING I wanted ( yes anything!)

I’ll announce all these rewards and additions HERE if things go well!

I have a lot prepared- but I don’t want to make assumptions or get ahead of myself.

The special additional choices for unlocked gifts will start if the campaign reaches 100K- there’s a sneak peak in the backer gifts section below of the “Extended Narrative” on special edition Bitterblossom!

With the backer gifts, puzzles, prints, playmats etc.. ( not including original art- the piece you buy is the piece you get)-you will be able to choose specific images in a survey I’ll send you after the close of the campaign- to ensure that even if you see a print image or playmat image come available later in the campaign you WILL be free to choose it as your gift so long as the pledge amount reflects it!

(You will not, however, be able to change your pledge amount after the close of the campaign to ADD anything additional, OR remove anything )

****A note on shipping for the backer rewards that include shipping*****

I’ve made best estimates based upon current shipping costs of prints and such in the US, and done as well as I can for international.

I will cover unexpected increases up to 5% of estimate but if the shipping far exceeds the cost of the estimate I will be in touch with you directly to help me cover the difference to get you your gifts.

Your willingness to work with me on this will make this all possible.

That being said, please know I will do ALL I can to keep shipping costs within the estimates!

**Customs fees for these gift rewards will be paid by the receiver


FIRST: Should the project reach its basic funding goal of 60K-ALL backers that have prints or playmats or other rewards being shipped from me directly ( this excludes the puzzle, mask,or studio visit-but includes the other rewards) will get a complimentary special edition enamel pin “Like a Princess”- Aren’t we all just trying to get through without peeing on our shoes?!  Now you ALSO can wear your heart on your sleeve -JUST LIKE ME 🙂 


Any pledges above 1K-in addition to their rewards selected- will get an original drawing on a fan.

The choice of drawing will be mine-but it will be a one of a kind ink drawing-done just for you for this project- and be in keeping with the ones below. 


Extended Narrative Special Edition Playmat- I’ll FULLY paint out the newly sketched area for this special reward if we reach further than the first funding goal for the campain


All backers will get a downloadable printable “Thank You” card for you to have with my thanks or give to a loved one should you wish to order something as a gift.You can print this card from me to let them know its on the way!


More about me, the work, why it changed, where I’m going with it.. and my thanks…