$1 raised out of $50,000

A 2 dimensional, orthographic perspective, multiplayer, open world, survival, farming and crafting, classic adventure for Windows PC.


The End RPG Company is an equal partnership between myself, Michael Mabes, from the United States, and Kushal Agrawal, from India.  Our company is formed to create fun, emergent game experiences that we can play ourselves and have a good time.

We started this idea in July, 2020 – inauspicious beginnings with the thought of developing simple game ideas in the Unity 3D game engine, to develop our skills and portfolio.  Since then, it has grown unexpectedly into a Discord community, and it has become part of our daily tasks to seek out new Unity experts and invite them to take part in our team success.  We are very proud that we have delivered one game to the Google Play Store, Idle Space Colonizers (a concept, incremental clicker), and will be debuting our next game jam offering within the next week. Our sights are set on more complex projects.  We are finishers.

About me, my name is Michael Andrew Mabes, I am 34 years old, and I was an Infantry Sergeant in the Virginia Army National Guard, with two deployments to combat zones, and an Accounting Degree from Old Dominion University.  I am actively spending up to 12 hours a day right in the Unity Editor, actively learning new techniques to make our RPG dreams a reality.  Making The End RPG Company a success is my final objective.

My partner Kushal Agrawal is a C# prodigy from India, who continues to astound daily with his mentorship to me learning Unity, and his raw prowess in scripting features, developing game managers, programming problem solving ability, and his undefeated attitude.  Our company together is already transnational, working around the clock, 24 hours a day to advance our collective objectives.  We will be a success.

Our primary obstacles right now in creating compelling content, is obtaining art assets.  Thus far, we have managed to cobble together a few games entirely using creative commons assets, but this will only carry the ball so far.  We want to offer original programming to our fans!

To this end, we are seeking fifty thousand dollars to make commission for art assets,  and will place these assets as cc0 art when our game has been completed.

We are currently prototyping a 2 dimensional, orthogonal perspective, tile-based, project template – that we can adapt to our future games.  We intend to have multiplayer ability through Mirror Networking, and are currently writing scripts for our game managers, player controllers, farming/crafting actions, and roguelike-survival oriented gameplay.  It is original art that will make this a success.

Thank you for your consideration.