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Apr 22, 2024
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May 23, 2024

Born for Surf | Built for All


Meet the Shaka Surf Bike

Born for Surf | Built for All!

Hello! We are Shaka Surf Bike and we’re bringing a fresh wave to the e-bike scene. Our journey started on the sunny shores of Southern California, where the surf culture of the 70s and 80s inspired us to blend classic style with cutting-edge technology. Our campaign isn’t just about launching an e-bike; it’s about revolutionizing how you experience your ride.

Why is this campaign crucial to us? It’s our dream to make stylish e-bikes accessible to everyone. The Shaka Surf Bike is more than just a mode of transport; it’s a way to reclaim your freedom and explore without limits. With your support, we can turn our vision into a reality, ensuring that everyone can have a quality e-bike without breaking the bank.

By contributing to our campaign, you’re not just buying a bike; you’re becoming part of a community that values joy, sustainability, and innovation. Imagine cruising down the beachfront with a companion with each of you on a Shaka Surf Bike that reflects your unique style—because yes, you can afford two at the price of one of most of the e-bikes out there! Your support will help us ramp up production and bring the joy of e-biking to beaches and streets.

What We Need & What You Get

Your Support, Our Journey

Funding Goals: We’re aiming to raise our goal amount to accelerate our operations from dream to reality. Every dollar goes directly into refining the Shaka Surf Bike’s design, scaling our production capabilities, and ensuring every bike is engineered to perfection. Here is why we need your orders.

  1. Designed and assembed in the USA, ensuring top-notch quality.
  2. Sourcing materials and the latest technology for our custom options.
  3. Quality control, making sure every ride is safe.

Exciting Perks for Our Backers: When you support us, you get more than just a bike; you get a lifestyle upgrade. Here are some perks that will make it worth your while:

Single Bike Reward: Grab a Shaka Surf Bike at an exclusive early bird price, much lower than its retail value.

Twin Ride Package (2 Count): Inspired to share the ride? Get two Shaka Surf Bikes at an unbeatable deal—perfect for couples or best friends.

The Surf Team Package (10 Count): Get all your friends, family and groups on the ride.


We’ve chosen to handle the customization process through our own website rather than Indiegogo due to the extensive variety of options, upgrades, and customizations available for the Shaka Surf Bike. Indiegogo is fantastic for securing your initial purchase and helping us gauge interest, but the platform isn’t suited to manage the depth of personalization our bikes offer.

By directing you to our website for customization, we ensure that you can tailor every aspect of your bike to your liking while locking in significant savings through our crowdfunding campaign. This approach allows you to benefit from campaign discounts while enjoying the freedom to build the bike that best suits your lifestyle.

This should prepare you for a smooth transition from supporter to proud owner of a customized Shaka Surf Bike.

Step One: Indiegogo Purchase

On Indiegogo, you’ll secure your base Shaka Surf Bike. Once you complete this purchase, we’ll send you a unique code that credits you for this amount, effectively covering the cost of the base bike due to your initial contribution on Indiegogo.

Step Two: Email Notification & Account Setup

After your purchase on Indiegogo, watch your inbox. After processing your information we will send you detailed instructions on how to log in to your account on our website. This step is crucial as it transitions you from the crowdfunding platform to our personalized service.

Step Three: Customize Your Bike

Using our intuitive customization tool, you’ll choose the frame style (standard or step-through) and dive into the plethora of upgrades, options, and customizations. Here, you can truly make your bike yours—modify components, enhance features, and select colors. The tool calculates the costs in real time, adding up options and upgrades as you go. Remember, purchasing your customizations now locks in savings, as post-campaign prices for a la carte options will increase.

Step Four: Finalize Your Purchase

At checkout, confirm the number of bikes and their specific configurations. This is also where taxes and shipping costs are calculated based on your location. This step finalizes your custom bike, readying it for production.

Step Five: Stay Updated

Once your order is confirmed, stay tuned via our updates on the Indiegogo page. We provide regular manufacturing updates and timelines. We commit to transparent communication about general shipping schedules, ensuring you know when your bike is dispatched.

Step Six: Shipping and Delivery

Bikes are shipped in the order that reservations were received. You will be able to track your bike’s journey from our warehouse to your doorstep via the tracking information available in your account once shipping commences.

Why Your Contribution Matters

Your support does more than just bring a product to life; it fuels a movement. The Shaka Surf Bike is designed to make sustainable transport both accessible and exciting. It’s about crafting a bike that fits the lifestyle of every adventurer, commuter, and dreamer out there.

Proven Track Record: With over two decades of experience in product design and military precision, we’re no strangers to overcoming challenges. We’ve meticulously crafted this bike to exceed industry standards.

Steering Through Uncertainty:

Our Commitment to Transparency

We’re committed to transparency and honesty. Like any venture, our journey includes potential bumps along the road:

Supply Chain Delays: We’ve set strategies to mitigate these, including multiple supplier options and domestic production.

Quality Assurance: With rigorous testing and our extensive experience, we are prepared to tackle any quality issues that arise.

Plan of Action: We are not just reacting to problems; we’re anticipating them. Our strategy includes:

  • Buffer stocks of critical components to mitigate supply chain delays.
  • Regular updates to our backers, keeping you informed every step of the way.
  • Understanding the Terrain: Like any ambitious project, our path is lined with potential obstacles. From supply chain hurdles to unforeseen design tweaks, we’re upfront about the challenges that lie ahead.

Equipped to Overcome:

Here’s why we’re ready

Overcoming Challenges: Our team’s background in military logistics and high-stakes project management equips us to handle unforeseen obstacles efficiently and effectively.

Experienced Leadership: Our leaders have navigated complex projects from conception through to delivery. Their expertise is our most valuable asset in managing risks.

Strategic Partnerships: We’ve secured relationships with top-tier suppliers and logistics experts to ensure that we can meet our promises.

Your Impact: By backing the Shaka Surf Bike, you’re helping us revive the classic surf culture in a modern way. You’re not just buying a bike; you’re making a statement that style, comfort, and innovation can ride together.

Utilize Indiegogo’s Tools: Easy sharing tools on Indiegogo make it simple to tell friends and family about our innovative e-bike. Just a few clicks can ripple out to a sea of potential supporters.

Together, We Ride Further: Your support, whether through funding or sharing, propels us forward. Let’s gear up and ride the wave of innovation together with the Shaka Surf Bike.

Thank you for your trust and support in bringing this project to life!