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Combining protection, style & sustainability: 9 Layers Polarized | Built to Last | Amazing Fit


Our goal is to develop an eco-friendly eyewear business and make an impact, by replacing the regular materials, such as metal and plastic, used in sunglasses for eco-friendly, sustainable, lightweight, resistant and biodegradable frames.

The Shiva has a design that fits every face shape. This makes it great for everybody out there: boys, girls and everything in between, from moms and dads, all the way to adventurous grandpas! We have the perfect design for YOU!

Bio acetate is made of cellulose, whose fibers are very strong and hard to break. This is what ensures that, even after many years of usage, bio acetate frames do not lose their shape and structure.

Made of cotton and wood, the material is subjected to a fifteen-stage process, becoming what is also known as bio acetate. This process ensures not only that Shivas are super resistant to shock and scratches, but also that they can withstand extreme heat.

To provide the best possible experience, we brought to you these unique sustainable frames together with the New Generation of Polaroid lenses with 9 layers of protection (2 layers scratch-resistant, 2 layers shock-resistant, 4 layers of UV400 protection (maximum UV protection) and 1 main layer of polarization).

They offer guaranteed maximum UV rays protection and are free of glare.

The Shiva lens is unbreakable with its two layers of shock resistance and an additional two layers of scratch resistance!

Although it comes from cotton fibers and wood pulp, during the 15 stage process to the final version, it becomes waterproof, so you can wash it as many times as you want.

We spent countless hours brainstorming, researching and testing our materials to make sure our Shivas would turn out exactly as we had imagined!

If you think the JOPLINS Shiva is a great idea and you want to be part of this sustainable movement while owning a pair of these stylish sunglasses, then pre-order now and get a pair for up to 33% off of the expected retail price! Help us bring this project to life! Support us in this journey and let them be a part of – The Shiva Revolution.

Pre-order now and help us make our planet green again! For every backer, we will plant 1 tree and remove 1 KG of plastic from the ocean to offset any carbon footprint we might be leaving behind. Be sustainable, stylish, and have a great pair of sunglasses in your hand.

Joplins was born in 2016 with the vision to develop an eco-friendly eyewear business. We wanted to create greener sunglasses by opting for alternatives to the regular materials currently being used by other brands. Making sure they were not only sustainable but also lightweight, resistant, and biodegradable.

Using these reliable materials, we strive to create a brand of sunglasses recognized as top-notch, green, sustainable, positive, and conscious!

At Joplins we are a team of diverse people, from different parts of the world that share the oh so simple goal of changing the world, one pair of sunglasses at a time!