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Getting back to basics – Naturally non-stick, Easy-to-clean, Lasts a lifetime


SIZ PAN- Your everyday hassle-free pan is made from premium carbon steel and a wooden handle. 

We understand the pain points of traditional cast iron and carbon steel skillets and thus have designed the SIZ pan to provide a solution to those who love cooking. 

The SIZ PAN has benefited from modern technology, including nitriding treatment & high-speed uniform polishing, bringing the traditional iron cookware to the next level.

What is nitriding? 

Nitriding is a heat treatment process to strengthen the pan both in corrosion resistance and durability. The treatment involves extreme heat (~540 Celcius) to the metal in the furnace with nitrogen gas. The result is extraordinary.

What is high-speed uniform polishing? 

High-speed uniform polishing creates a smooth surface for the SIZ pan with various benefits. It increases the surface area between the food and the metal, thus more uniform heating for Maillard’s reaction. Also, seasoning layers are easier to form on the surface, making the pan naturally non-stick. 

We have therefore conducted countless trials and errors to make this pan.  You can see the result from the video and below product features. We take all footage from a home kitchen to give a genuine presentation. This is to make sure you will have the same experience in your own kitchen as well!

Now we need your support to bring the SIZ PAN to everyone’s kitchen! Back us NOW!

Product Features 

1) Naturally non-stick 

Polished, nitrided, and pre-seasoned on high-density carbon steel

Polished, nitrided, and pre-seasoned, the surface of our pan is smoother than cast iron cookware, giving a uniform sear on your food.

With daily usage, the pan will continue to build up seasoning layers that naturally make it nonstick. You can also improve its non-stickiness by seasoning the pan yourself.

There are no synthetic compounds used in the pan and feel free to use metal utensils with the SIZ pan.

2) Excellent Heat Retention

The 2.5mm thick pan 

The 2.5mm thick pan provides the excellent heat retention you need to achieve the perfect sear.

The Maillard reaction levels up the aroma and taste of food, giving to the umami experience. What you will get from the pan? Golden, brown, and delicious!

3)Easy to clean

The seasoning layer provides a natural coating for the pan, making it very easy to clean! You can simply wash with water when the pan is warm with a scrubbing sponge or towel. You can use a small amount of soap if needed.

Drying the pan is easy! After rinsing, just place it on the stovetop until all water evaporates.

4)A perfect option compared to traditional cast iron and carbon steel pan

The common pain point: cast iron has heavy weight, rough surface, and rust, while carbon steel skillet has weaker heat retention and uneven heat distribution. The SIZ pan has the following features making it your daily cooking companion.

  •  Weight & Heat retention: The SIZ Pan is designed to have lighter weight yet maintain excellent heat retention and distribution. This is achieved by the optimum 2.5mm thick pan with high density to retain more heat. The SIZ pan is your perfect choice as your daily cooking companion

  • Other differences:

 5) Work on all cooktops 



Product Specification

Shipping Cost

All import duties/taxes for international shipping are the importer’s (your) responsibility. If you have any enquires or countries not listed above, please contact our team via sizcookware@gmail.com.


Estimate Time of Shipping: End of November 2022

Delivery Time: 2 – 3 Weeks after shipping (depending on destination)