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A clean and simple design allows you to stake and remove poles with ease. No more annoying pushing and shoving!


 A common problem meets a simple solution. 

After countless hours of gardening, we were frustrated with the lack of structural support for our plants.

There had to be a better way.

After many models, trails, and experimentation, a practical design evolved – the STAKER was born

A clean and simple design allows you to stake and remove poles with ease. No more annoying pushing and shoving! Simply align and, using your body weight, step, and push stakes to ensure proper support for your plants. Deceptively simple but highly effective in a variety of gardening tasks.


 Give Your Plants the Support they need!

Uses for the STAKER:

GARDENING:   Stake your shrubs, vines, and tree saplings. You can use the STAKER to easily stake light fencing posts. Keep deer and other animals from your hard grown veggies and plants. 

CONSTRUCTION & ON THE JOB:   Site markings for building guides and area identification. Firmly place those guides where you want them to be.

Surveying posts are set in correct and precise position.

TEMPORARY SHELTERS:   Use the STAKER for tent and marquee erection. Pile those stakes and poles for sturdy assembly. No more collapses in light breezes.

ON THE BEACH, IN THE WOODS: Securely bed that windbreaker. Keep that large umbrella solid in the sand. 

SPORTS EVENTS & RECREATION: Firmly and easily set up perimeter flags, posts, and markers. Call “Out of bounds” with confidence! Swing-ball, basket hoops, badminton nets. Great for sports set up’s.

ADVERTISING AND MARKETING:   Plant your “Special Offer” signs or “House for Sale” on the lawn. No more blowing over in the wind. 

DIRECTIONAL AND ALERT MARKERS: Use to place your snowplow markers on your property perimeter. No more damaged paving stones and curbs.

Place warning signs and regulation information where it needs to be.

STAKE OUTSIDE THE BOX: The STAKER is versatile and adaptable. …..Up to any and most Staking jobs!!

Continual Improvement

We are constantly improving and upgrading this product in an effort to give a better experience for our customers. This may result in revised production methods, styles, and colors. But in every case, we are committed to producing a quality and superior item that is designed to perform a satisfying result in your gardening tasks. We are committed to quality and performance in all of our improvements. Our goal has always been to make our product easily integrate into your shed. That is why we designed the STAKER to seamlessly connect with screw-threaded handles that are found around your house.

Tough and Reliable

The STAKER is constructed in durable steel for longer-lasting performance and reliability. We were able to bring product weight down by different design tweaks.

Connects with your common broom handle

Our goal is to make this product easily integrated into your shed. We specially designed the STAKER to fit American style screw-threaded brooms. This gives you the versatility to attach the STAKER to screw threaded broom handles you have around the house! (see specs above)

We offer our own branded broom handle with the STAKER but the STAKER is also designed to seamlessly attach to common broom handles found around your home. See the broom thread specifications above for more information. 

The Small Things

After constant development, we have created a product we are proud of. Pictured above is the most current model of the STAKER. This includes a special grip on the footpad to give proper traction during your rough times in the mud.

More traction – More Staking – Better plants.

About Us

As a small team of three, Iroh Inventions came up with the STAKER. The STAKER started as a passion project and soon developed to something much bigger.  Join us on this journey!