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Dec 11, 2020
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Jan 07, 2021

Enjoy the best of both worlds with Eaglley: all the Facebook features that you love with none of the censorship that you dislike!


Eaglley – The UnFacebook With No-Censorship Social Media

Enjoy the best of both worlds with Eaglley: All the Facebook features that you love with none of the censorship that you dislike!

Enough of social media platforms deciding what you can and can’t read and share. Finally, the social media platform that empowers your freedom of expression!

You Can’t Possibly Think That!

That’s the idea behind Facebook’s and the most popular social media platforms and their guidelines. Whatever it is that you’re thinking, if they don’t like it, they won’t let you post, read or share it. That’s censorship! That’s why we created Eaglley, “The UnFacebook.”

Main Features

● Social media platform for Liberty-Oriented Individuals

● 100% Censorship-Free

● Genetically Committed to the User’s Freedom of Expression

● Zero Discrimination: No User is Blocked Based on Beliefs and Statements

● All Facebook’s Social Media Functions Without the Typical Censorship

● Offering Secure Data and Privacy Protection for Users

Controlling the Information World

If you think that having information is a powerful position to be in, what would you say about having the power of controlling which information is posted, read and shared? Facebook and social media giants have both. They have access to essentially all our data and they decide what we can and cannot say, read and share.

No Fact-Checking, No Vetting, Just Letting Freedom Flow

Eaglley is a social media platform that supports the free, unfiltered and uncensored flow of information. Whether in the context of a socially divisive election or in any other context, we’re creating a platform that is only a medium of communication. It’s not meant to be a central committee that vets or what people say.

Social Media and Individual Responsibility

We firmly believe that, when adults are talking to each other, people should be free to be exposed to any kind of view and then decide whether they agree with it or not. We don’t think that a social media platform should take the individual responsibility away from people. 

On the contrary, on Eaglley, you’ll be free to say what you want, when you want, and stand by what you say. We believe a society grows a lot more if there’s a free discussion and expression of conflicting views and ideas. We believe in a mature society empowered by social media. 

That’s the fundamental reason why we’re so committed to bringing Eaglley to life.

Crowdsourced Functions

We don’t presume to know every function that Eaglley’s users will want to use, which is why we will also rely on our users to give us feedback we will actually use to create new functions. 

Eaglley will be a user-focused platform, created to cater to the needs and preferences of our liberty-oriented users. In the very spirit of this crowdfunding campaign, we will use crowdsourcing as a way to keep improving the platform.

Facebook, Are You Listening?

As we build and develop Eaglley, we’re also sending a message to Facebook. It’s important that the world’s largest social media platform—which has more members than any single country in the world—understands that people don’t want or need social media platforms to paternalistically decide what they can and cannot read, say or share.

The fact that Facebook and other popular social media platforms are giants doesn’t mean they can step on the individual liberties of people. The market responds to that situation by creating alternative solutions that respect freedom. That’s why Eaglley is as much a social media platform as it is a statement for the liberty of expression.

A Realistic Approach

Let’s be honest here. We are creating a truly liberty-centered social media platform that doesn’t tell people what to say or not to say. That’s Eaglley. 

Definitely, Eaglley will be an alternative to Facebook. However, we don’t expect to replace Facebook. We don’t think there’s anyone that could replace it and certainly that’s also because, for many people, the censorship of Facebook and other social media platforms isn’t a big deal. For those for whom it is a big deal, Eaglley will be a free and welcoming platform allowing them to express themselves on their own terms.


Eaglley is essentially a commitment to keeping freedom of expression alive. That’s why, if you agree with us that this platform is urgently necessary, the best reward you can have is knowing that you’re helping us build it. Still, since gratitude is a beautiful feeling we believe in, these are the reward tiers we have to offer you in exchange for your support to our project!

● $1: Digital Thank You Postcard

● $10: Dedicated Thank You Video From the Founders

● $100: Dedicated Thank You Video From the Founders + T-Shirt

● $1,000: Dedicated Thank You Video From the Founders + Set of 3 T-Shirts + Hoodie

● $10,000: Dedicated Thank You Video From the Founders + Set of 3 T-Shirts + Hoodie + Your Name Acknowledged on Eaglley for 6 months!

How We’ll Employ the Funds

The reason why we’re seeking to raise $100,000 is because we need to spend:

1. 60% on Software Engineering (tech development, tech lead, support, hosting, database and other costs)

2. 10% on Producing and Fulfilling Kickstarter Rewards to Backers

3. 20% to Cover Marketing and Operating Costs

4. 10% on Legal Costs

Working for Free: Our Passion is Our Fuel

Eaglley means the world to us. We see it as the good future of social media that uses technology to enhance your fundamental liberties. That’s why we’re so focused on creating this platform while working without pay. 

Because we’re committed to making it a reality and quickly acquire the initial 200K users that are needed in order to have the platform gaining a sizable audience that we can work with.

We’re now ready to move forward and, with your help, turn Eaglley into a reality, which is why we invite you to:

  • Please choose one of the great rewards that we’re offering to show your support for our project.
  • Please share this campaign on social media to help us get the word out about Eaglley.
  • Talk to your friends and family members about Eaglley—they may also want to support it.

Meet the Team

Thang Le

Born in Saigon and graduated from the University of Houston Clear Lake, Thang is a Bachelor of Computer Science who has worked for 15 years as a Developer and Technology and has worked at top companies such as Blinds.com (The Home Depot company), EOG Resources, and Schlumberger.

Huy Pham

Born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam, Huy has started entrepreneurial ventures ever since he was a young man. In the past 5 years, he found his new passion and invested his resources in digital growth marketing, co-founded online mobile C2C marketplace 3KmFood and founded pito.vn—in which he’s at the helm of the company’s growth efforts.

Lan Vu

An MBA graduate in Marketing at the Paris School of Business, Lan has successfully coordinated a variety of leading functions in the world of operations, procurement, marketing, and finance in big corporations. Leveraging her history and accomplishments in the corporate world, Lan then became an entrepreneur: she cofounded successful startups such as App 3KmFood.

Tom Nguyen

Having recently moved to Vancouver, Tom has accumulated many success stories in his marketing, consumer goods branding and entrepreneurial journey of over 25 years developed in Vietnam and in Canada. He is now ready to build the censorship-free social media platform that the world needs.

Project Timeline

June 2020—Market research

August 2020—Platform concept design

October 2020—Software & platform testing

November 2020—Crowdfunding campaign preparation

December 2020—Crowdfunding campaign launched

January 2021—Platform Goes Live with Early Bird Users