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The Untold Miracle is a Documentary exposing the Healing Potential of NAD⁺.



Motivational/Inspirational Documentary

NAD⁺ is the molecule that healed Tom from chronic illness, adverse drug reactions, and opiate addiction.

World traveler, international resident, and entrepreneur Tom Ingoglia had a life worth living.

And then one day, he woke up ill. He was bitten by a tick and began to display many negative symptoms: crippling fatigue, brain fog, excruciating body pain… Tom had an adverse response to the antibiotics that the western medicine model said would cure him. “Because of all of my pain, I had developed an opiate habit…I couldn’t live like this…I was desperate…”

“I needed to get well or die trying.”

For 7 years he fought this battle. Tom tried treatment after treatment. Things would temporarily help, but nothing seemed to be a permanent fix…. “I had heard about this ‘underground’ emerging therapy that was helping people called NAD⁺. I had nothing to lose…What was the worst that could happen, and ‘possible death’ didn’t seem so bad…” 

…and then, something happened. Within 10 days of NAD⁺ IV therapy he was healed. “My physical energy was back. My chronic pain was gone. My thoughts were not only clear, it was as if I was experiencing a higher level of consciousness. Colors, sounds, even taste were all so vibrant and beautiful. I knew, in that moment, that I wanted to share NAD⁺ with everyone.”

In 2018, the FDA attempted to make this life restoring nutrient illegal. In this documentary you’ll hear from scientists, doctors, and experts in the field of NAD⁺ as to why this essential nutrient should be the standard of care. You will also have an opportunity to see how NAD⁺ has changed the lives of those suffering from addiction and neurodegenerative disease; and how NAD⁺ enhances longevity, healthspan, and optimal wellness.



Ever since Tom’s healing experience with NAD⁺, he is on a mission to share this life restoring molecule with the world. 


Tom has created resources for education, supplementation and research that include:

NAD Treatment Center: A clinic where people suffering from chronic illness and addiction can receive NAD⁺ therapy

CRABH/Longevity Underground: A non-profit organization with over 100 volunteer so that we can research NAD⁺ and other life restoring molecules

Longevity Collective: A supplement company that gives consumes cost effective, convenient options to receive NAD⁺

Longevity Diagnostics Research: A diagnostic testing company that tests NAD⁺ levels.


NAD⁺ is natural, it’s safe, and it’s effective.


My mission with your help is to bring NAD⁺ to the world.


NAD⁺ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) is a co-enzyme that is necessary for life. 

Metabolic coenzymes, like NAD⁺, are responsible for the structure, repair, and remodeling of every cell in the body. They operate in every living cell, every organ, every tissue, and they need constant replenishment. Physical or emotional stress will naturally deplete the body and brain of these resources. 

Visual breakdown of what NAD⁺ is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LguL393w0Vs


There are over 400 metabolic functions NAD⁺ which include:

Sirtuin activation

PARP activation 

The creation of cellular energy (ATP)

Enhancing microtubule health 


NAD⁺ Success Stories:


“For years I was addicted to multiple substances. My rock bottom was when I lost my house, my relationship, and I wasn’t able to be a Mom. 10 days of NAD⁺  Treatment and my thoughts are clear, I feel amazing, and I am off of all substances that I was addicted to. I can not thank Tom and his Team Enough for Saving my Life!”  Tessi J.

“The most notable thing I observed with NAD+  treatment was that my physical recovery is quicker and my cognition has improved.”  Ben Greenfield

NAD IV Therapy And Parkinson’s Disease Recovery: 


NAD⁺ is a basic building block of life.

PURPOSE of the Film

The purpose of the film is to educate, advocate, and inspire.

Educate: We want to share the science of NAD⁺ with all in a way that is easy to understand and access. Patients interested in this therapy should be able to learn about it regardless of their educational background. Currently, a lot of the debate is caught up within the scientific community and that is hindering the progress of research on NAD⁺. By arming citizen scientists with knowledge, they can feel confident that they are making the right decision for their health.


Advocate: NAD⁺ therapy, like many other natural and alternative treatments, is being suppressed. We are advocating to keep this safe and effective treatment available for all who want to try it. If we can save one person from drug addiction, provide one person relief from their chronic illness, or help one person live healthier for longer, we must try. However, we think NAD⁺ is incredibly powerful and the results will be unfathomable. By banding together as a community that cares for the wellbeing of others, we can help heal humanity. 

Inspire: We hope to inspire everyone to seek the science, do the research, listen to the experiences of others, and see what change you can make. After all, anyone can change the world.


The Untold Miracle is an inspirational, honest, and noble portrayal of where US healthcare is today and how we — together with NAD⁺ and other natural remedies — can improve health and lifestyles in a drastic way. Why is healthcare relying on medication that doesn’t work? Why does expected American lifespan continue to decrease? And why are these natural molecules and vitamins not covered by insurance? 

Those are just a few questions that motivated this documentary. My goal is two-fold: 

I want to help educate viewers along this NAD⁺ healing journey of multiple patients in need. 


I want to document clinical trials to get NAD⁺ and other natural vitamins at the level of standard healthcare for everyone.

Together we will heal communities step-by-step and educate the public study-by-study. Be a part of this movement, we need your help!



An inspirational and empowering view as the cameras go firsthand to capture the truth of emotions, struggles, and drastic improvement in the lives of each patient, including Tom. We aim to show the viewers the struggles of getting NAD⁺ and other natural therapies approved by the FDA. Through education, our Western community can participate in the movement of longevity and healthcare. The visual style is deeply emotional, engaging, and inspiring.



Through Tom’s story, the editing will provide a tunnel of light into the world of natural medicine and the struggles that come along with it. As different patients take us on their healing journey, top scientists and doctors share their excitement and concerns about NAD⁺ and the fate of natural medicine as a whole.


We are looking to raise $300,000 for the documentary/study efforts.


Documentary Funding: To maintain clinical research, treating patients with NAD⁺, and filming the process for evidence-based results, the funds will go towards:  

  • Camera & Lighting Packages
  • Post Production (editing, music, sound design)
  • Production Design
  • Travel Expenses
  • NAD+ Treatments
  • Clinical Trials

Your help is necessary and deeply appreciated. All your funds will always go directly towards the film and documentary goals to truly display the incredible miracle of NAD⁺ therapy. The story of NAD⁺ will be told.

“We recently showed that raising NAD⁺ levels in mice can reverse aspects of aging within just one week of treatment.”

“Many researchers believe restoring NAD⁺ levels in the cell is so important for affecting the “cause” of aging, rather than the “effect” of aging.”






Tom’s life changed when he was infected with Lyme disease because he experienced adverse drug reactions that spiraled into drug addiction. But his rock bottom was losing half his family in the same week. Tom dedicated himself to healing over eight years, found intravenous NAD⁺ therapy, and miraculously regained his health. He went on to spearhead IV NAD⁺ therapies in the clinic he created.  

Now, he’s built 7 radical longevity companies to try to bring revolutionary therapies to the world. These organizations work together in hopes to shed light on therapies that have a global impact.


Lindsey is a world-renowned filmmaker, storyteller, and speaker known for his documentaries on cannabis, human potential, and natural medicine. His first film, Medicinal Cannabis and its Impact on Human Health has been viewed over three million times in over 170 countries and ushered in the pro-cannabis shift in mainstream media led by Sanjay Gupta, Dr. Oz, and others.  

Lindsey’s films explore diverse topics, shining a spotlight on innovative and disruptive health therapies, human consciousness and spirituality, and underrepresented subcultures.  Most recently, Lindsey was featured in Rolling Stone about his upcoming docuseries release, The Truth About Cannabis.


JEANNÈ PITRE, Naturopath/Nurse

“I knew that there was no going back after I witnessed such a radical, life changing, transformational result with my very first NAD+ patient.”  Jeanne’ was first introduced to Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) 13 years ago by Dr. Richard Mestayer. Prior to that she fulfilled a career path as a nurse at Charity Hospital, MCLNO and Ochsner of New Orleans, LA.  She describes treating patients in a traditional setting as “managing symptoms”, whereas NAD+ treatment restores the body and brain at the cellular level. Thought her NAD+ career, Jeanne’ has witnessed people heal from addictions, chronic illness, neurodegenerative disease, mental health related disorders, as well as observed the positive results of those wanting to optimize wellness and enhance longevity.  She feels that NAD+ should be the standard of care. 


133 million Americans have a chronic condition. 


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