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SOCKS by Upa – colorful socks with a mission to put a smile on your face.


Are you also struggling with uncertainty and lack of positivity, consequences of self-isolation and Covid-19? Sitting here with dull November outside my window, I’ve decided that the world of today needs something to look forward to. We deserve it, don’t we?!

That’s why I am launching SOCKS by Upa – colourful socks with a mission to put a smile on your face. Crazy, colourful designs to self-express with, that you won’t find anywhere else.

The story of SOCKS by Upa started many, many years ago. I grew up in a post-Soviet Estonia in a typical family – mom, sister and grandmother. Times were tough, but I had a happy childhood. As teenage hormones kicked in, I needed a way to express myself. Because I could not afford to buy shoes, clothes or make up, I ended up cutting my hair short to the horror of my grandma. A little less extreme and something my grandma approved of, I realised that socks were a great tool of self-expression. They were also affordable and made me smile. Ever since, my love for socks has only gotten stronger.

The first collection of SOCKS by Upa is super simple – 10 designs, and 10 designs only. I am confident that there is at least one design that will get your heart racing. And if you like surprises, one design will remain a mystery. Whichever socks you choose, you will without a doubt have the most savage sock! 

 All socks are unisex – because I’m tired of shopping in the men’s department for colourful crew socks – and produced in three different sizes – because nothing makes you cooler with kids than having the same matching socks as them.

You get to choose exactly the designs you like – no restrictions, no pre-selected boxes. Once the campaign is over I’ll send you a survey to collect your designs and size choices.

As you might have already guessed, SOCKS by Upa do not come with a usb charging station, a cup holder, a flashlight nor do they have a skateboard function..

But I promise these socks will make you confident, put a smile on your face and make your eyes sparkle. They will make you fearless, balanced and happy. And they may even land you some extra compliments! 

 “Socks are socks” – one may say, but I disagree. In order to get you your SOCKS by Upa a number of processes need to come together: from sourcing and manufacturing to packaging. In order to be able to live up to the highest ethical and sustainability standards, I’ve decided to collaborate with world-renowned manufacturers in Europe. Production in Europe is more costly compared to imported products from Asia, however, I feel that this is the right decision in order for SOCKS by Upa to fulfil their mission.

With your help we can make the first collection of SOCKS by Upa a reality. Join me on this colourful journey to give us all something fun to look forward to.

We’ve already established that I am crazy about socks. But, it takes more than that and getting funded will help my credibility with the manufacturers. Minimum order quantities are high and that’s why I need your support in funding this project.

My ultimate goal is to create a supportive, colourful-socks-loving community where we can be ourselves without judgement, and I can’t wait to take you on this journey with me.

Still not convinced?  Let me remind you that socks are in fact the best present ever!