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What if we adjusted the shape of the fiber, allowing grooves to form on the surface of the fiber to wick away sweat much faster for high-performance training? What if we used the method of blending polymer containing hydrophilic groups with two-component composite co-spinning? Now we have two respectively hydrophilic components. Introducing the world’s first ICEZ-BREEZE technology. A strong hydrophilic material that is essential for excellent sweat absorption and the antistatic ability for running.


Why we work with professional footballers? It is because football is the sport that runs the most. Professional footballers require to do short sprints, mid to long range interval runs for over 90 minutes consistently in a game. Their performance data helps us to better understand what kind of fabric and technology it requires to support your training whether it is for a 100M sprint race or a full marathon.

Mission: To develop the world’s first featherlight running shorts using ICEZ-BREEZE technology that excels in moisture-wicking and quick dry. Feel fresh to start. Feel fresh to finish.

#Challenge 1: To develop a lightweight performance fabric that can meet the needs of the human body for comfort, movement & durability.

Now the problem is when you prioritize comfort, the problem is that movement and durability are often compromised. To solve this problem, we made adjustments from the fabric weave design and implemented the jacquard technology to ensure we expand the number of delicate floating points adjacent to the skin, allowing more airflow space between the skin and the fabric.

Through meticulous research and development, we developed a hydrophilic material that is excellent in moisture-wicking and has a strong fabric weave to increase ventilation and durability in training. We also implemented the Z-inspired laser-cut holes on the back for enhanced breathability.

#Challenge 2: To find the most comfortable waistband there is in the world that makes you feel weightless during running.

Comfort shouldn’t stop there. The selection of your waistband affects how the shorts hold up and secure your movement during training. An uncomfortable waistband can be just as distracting as the material you are wearing.

We selected a premier waistband with an integral drawstring to maximise waist comfortability & security for training. The premier waistband is developed with an extra-soft nylon elastic blend to create a secure contraction with 360-degree circumference coverage. So now, you no longer have to compromise comfort with performance.

After months of testing with the professional footballers, we believe our premier waistband has passed the test in comfortability & performance.

#Challenge 3: To create the world’s first runner shorts with a runner-inspired side cut to maximise movement & power.

We learned that runners love to run with freedom. Sometimes shorts can create limited movement by the Runner-inspired open side-cut construction for enhanced movement.

After talking to our athletes, we realised that traditional triangular side-cut construction doesn’t work particularly well if you are someone who has big quads. The challenge was to create a shape that fits perfectly with different body types without compromising on how much the runner is allowed to move during training.

Using the ‘A’ shape inspiration, we meticulously measured and created the perfect side-cut construction that will reduce the amount of ‘sliding’ and even when you are running leaning forward, back straight, and head up, you won’t have to worry about how much you are allowed to move.


High moisture wicking fabric has an incomparable advantage compared to other fabrics in terms of water absorption and perspiration performance. Its sweat absorption effect is twice that of cotton, and its drying speed is 5 times that of cotton, which can keep the skin dry. Especially in outdoor sports, high moisture-wicking fabrics can play a better role in windproof, anti-sticking, and dryness.

The double-layer ‘evolve pro shorts’ is the living example of the ‘everything you need in a shorts’ kind of selection. Evolve pro is an adaptation from the initial design. Using the same high moisture-wicking material, we added a highly breathable compression liner for extra protection and security during training.

If you are the type who is the ‘I do practically every fitness class there is in the gym’ kind of guy then the Evolve Pro might be your new go-to shorts.


  • Mission: To develop high performing garments that improve your physical and mental focus during training.
  • Vision: To continue to push the brand to the limit by collaborating with professional athletes, fabric technicians, and universities to understand what types of technologies are available to improve the user’s physical and mental feel with the garments in training.

We believe in connectivity and acceptance. No matter where you are from, what chips you are given in life. One thing guaranteed is that everyone is allowed and should dare to dream. 

Our slogan ‘Dream Fearlessly’ defines as being fearless doesn’t mean you are not scared. It means you are accepting dear and continue to march forward. 

We live by our motto every single day.

Refer to our sizing guide to accurately find your size. If you still have any doubt, you can refer to our height & weight table to double-check if the measurement is correct. If you are in-between sizes, go with the smaller size for a tighter fit or one size up for a looser fit.

You can email us at cs@zyphrapparel.com for further enquiries.