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A motorcycle wheel chock, new and unique. Assembled by hand, no tools needed, fits most bikes, used on all terrain. (Supportzip in Fr)

  •  Why a Motorcycle Wheel Chock? 

A motorcycle wheel chock will hold a motorcycle upright for parking, storage and transport, reducing the footprint in a garage or a shop and making it much easier to perform maintenance and cleaning. A heavier motorcycle without a center stand will benefit the most from a well-designed wheel chock. 

A large motorcycle in a Zipchock

Why a New Motorcycle Wheel Chock?

The creator/inventor needed to park 2 motorcycles in his garage for the off-season. There was not enough space to park the 2 motorcycles when sitting on their kick stands.

A wheel chock purchased online was used for one motorcycle. This resolved the situation.

When the time came to remove the motorcycle from the wheel chock, he found it to be quite difficult, needing 3 or 4 strong successive pulls with front brake holds.

The second motorcycle had a narrower front tire, which fit too loosely in the wheel chock, causing stability concerns.

When he needed to park his motorcycle on grass, he found the wheel chock unstable.

There was also an issue with storing the wheel chock when not in use.

The creator/inventor undertook to design a new wheel chock.

The Zipchock

 The Zipchock is a revolutionary design!

– It is collapsible: assembly or disassembly takes less than a minute, without the need for any tools.

– It is designed for use on most surfaces: in your garage or shop of course but also at the cottage, camp ground, or front or back yard.

– It requires little space for storage or transport.

– Mounting and dismounting the motorcycle is done with the lightest push and pull.

– It can solidly support motorcycles with the largest range of tire widths.

– It can also be mounted in a utility trailer or removed in less than a minute, without the need for tools.

The Zipchock on sand
The Zipchock on grass

                                        Assembly in less than a minute, by hand

Pre-install these 2 brackets for the trailer mount

                                             Easy roll-in and roll-out, by hand or under power

Why Kickstarter?

– The Zipchock needs to go through further design and analysis to finalize the thickness and shape of each component.

– The foundry needs to fabricate a number of test samples and create permanent die casting molds.

– Legal requirements, national and international patent applications, documentation for warranty coverage, instruction manuals, etc. all need to be written.

These are major expenses. Without Kickstarter, this project would not be possible.

The Timeline

– December 2020 and January 2021: Kickstarter campaign.

– January and February 2021: design and material analysis

– March to June 2021: test samples and permanent die casting molds.

– July 2021: backers’ survey and fabrication of the units.

– August 2021: paint, package, label, and ship.


Limited to: Canada, US and EU (Austria, Belgium, Denmark,  France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, UK)

Stated shipping rates are based on Canada Post business plan; shipping to EU countries is via surface.