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Apr 14, 2024
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Jun 14, 2024

An animated short film about how not everything is what it seems.



Who Are We?

KAI Studio is a 100% remote animation studio specialized in digital 2D animation. It was born after part of the team from the short film GIRASOL (2018, with over 40 official selections in festivals) came together post-production to continue creating animated stories.

Currently, we are 8 official members within KAI, along with 5 honorary members who work tirelessly to bring the studio’s projects to life.

Watch our demo reel here: [KAI Studio Demo Reel](https://youtu.be/X-6hCah7Sws)

What is TIGRE About?

Tigre is the story of a friend’s grandfather, a refugee from Laos in Thailand. It’s a narrative where the known intertwines with the unknown, full of uncertainty and curiosity, where nothing is everything and everything is nothing, and where appearances deceive.

The world of the short film dives into shadow theaters, spices floating in the air, fighters in their battles, monks singing, and thousands of spirits and demons lurking in the shadows. This project has been haunting us for some time, and we feel we cannot rest until we tell this story.


What We Need and What You Get

We’ve decided to put our short film to the test by collectively financing it through a campaign on Indiegogo. Although the initial goal is nearly 660 USD, the reality is that we need approximately 5000 USD to finance the post-production and distribution of the project. Our dream is to bring this story to as many people as possible, and that’s why we need your support to exceed our goals!

The Impact

We aim to honor not only traditional animation but also the culture that gave rise to this story. The storyboard is the beginning of the visual narrative, where we established the idea of a circular narrative in a world where the mundane and the supernatural coexist. Therefore, we felt it appropriate to use the narrative style of legends and traditional tales to convey to the world that this story will never age.

We’ve spent years obsessively researching traditional art, markets, temples, martial arts, and jungles of Laos with the aim of giving this story the authenticity it deserves. That’s why much of the art is based on traditional silhouette animation. Just imagine Lotte Reininger animating the Thai Shadow Theater, combined with all the traditional art of Thailand, Laos, and Indonesia, and you get TIGRE.

Final Images

The first time we did a crowdfunding campaign was for the short film “Girasol,” and its success helped us be part of over 40 official selections in international festivals, opening up a world of possibilities. With this crowdfunding campaign, we hope to surpass that figure so that TIGRE, alongside KAI, can reach more people and allow the studio to keep growing.

You can get a glimpse of what TIGRE will be like by watching the teaser we created as a preview of this story [here](https://youtu.be/ZT3c6FxNRs4).

Risks and Challenges

Conducting a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for a 2D animation short film is much more challenging than other projects because our final product is intangible. Each Indiegogo reward will be created in parallel with the completion of the short film, so we are taking special care and consideration in the types of rewards we offer to fulfill our commitments to you and the project.

Beyond the artistic challenges, each studio member takes risks by working on the short film alongside their daily work, and some even prioritize it completely to make this exciting project work. It’s undoubtedly terrifying, but also incredibly exciting to embark on the journey of becoming an animation filmmaker. The minimum goal of this Indiegogo campaign is to cover the original music, sound post-production, and distribution of the project. Within the scope of the approximately 5000 USD we need, we will not profit from any designs, storyboards, animations, or edits that have already been completed.

We firmly believe that we are qualified to bring this project to fruition, and we truly appreciate your support in making this film a reality.

Characters and Backgrounds

Other Ways You Can Help Us

We understand that some people may not be able to contribute financially, but don’t worry, you can still be a great support to KAI.

If you can’t back the project by acquiring one of our rewards, don’t worry, a valuable way to collaborate with us is by spreading the word about this campaign, the TIGRE short film, and KAI Studio.

If you want to help but can’t contribute financially, it would be very helpful if you shared this campaign with all your acquaintances through Indiegogo’s sharing tools. Likewise, you can follow us on our social media channels and share everything we post there.

Thank you very much for helping us make TIGRE a reality!